August 20, 2009

Bristol event Friday to focus on business taxes

Press release from state Rep. Bill Hamzy --

Impact of Business Tax Hikes on Employers, Workers, to be Aired at ‘Real World Round Table’ in Bristol Friday
Fourslide Spring Event Hosted by Pres. Arthur Funk, state House, Senate GOP Leaders Cafero and McKinney, Rep. Hamzy

The impact of proposed business tax increases on Connecticut employers and the state’s workforce will be the focus of discussion at a “Real World Round Table” scheduled for 10 a.m. Friday, August 21st at Fourslide Spring and Stamping Inc., at 87 Cross Street in Bristol
Hosting the event will be Fourslide President Arthur “Bud” Funk, state Representative William A. Hamzy, R-78th District; state House Republican Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., R-142nd District, and state Senate Republican Leader John McKinney, R-28th District.
“The super-majority Democrats at the state legislature currently are pushing a two-year state budget plan that includes an increase in the surcharge on corporate profits to 8.625 percent and the elimination of certain tax incentives that originally were implemented to attract new employers to Connecticut and encourage existing companies to expand,” said Representative Hamzy, R-78th District. “If their business tax proposals are put in place, they will make it even more difficult for employers to stay afloat during the current recession, which already is well into its second year.”
“Sales are down 33 percent at Fourslide Spring, which has forced the company to reduce its workforce from 26 to 21 people,” Representative Hamzy said. “Increasing business taxes on companies that are struggling to remain open will force them to make difficult decisions to reduce their costs, and that almost always means layoffs. What troubles me most about the Democrats’ budget plan is that the $1.8 billion overall tax increase they are proposing is completely unnecessary. Republican state legislators earlier this month unveiled an alternative budget plan that shows that we can eliminate the state’s projected $8.5 billion deficit without raising taxes - while keeping aid to municipalities and local school districts at current levels and maintaining funding for essential social and human services programs.”
“I look forward to hearing what Mr. Funk and other area business leaders have to say about how the business tax increases the Democrats are supporting will affect their companies and whether they believe higher taxes will lead to more layoffs and another spike in Connecticut’s overall unemployment rate, which currently stands at about 8 percent,” Representative Hamzy said.
In addition to Mr. Funk, other Greater Bristol business people expected to participate in the round table include Bill Lathrop of Colonial Handee Spring; Scott Kirkpatrick, Radcliff Wire; Mark Divenere, Gemco; Mark Leahy, Connecticut Spring and Stamping; Richard Ray, ERA Wire; and Bill Waseleski, of Century Spring.
Fourslide Spring and Stamping Inc. is a recognized leader in the fabrication of formed metal parts. The company produces precision metal stampings, flat springs, metal clips and wire and ribbon forms for a wide range of medical, electrical, automotive, aerospace, military and general industrial goods applications.

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no dems said...

must be some kind of a PR session for the republicans; guess that they don't think that the dems have people in business?

Concerned Conservative said...

Great idea!

Thank you Connecticut GOP.

We owe you our graditude for not letting our state fall apart and/or become bankrupt by the big-spending and taxing Democrats.

Anonymous said...

"no dems" doesn't realize that the Democrats are the ones taxing the businesses, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Copy cats. But we know they can't think on their own.

Anonymous said...

The GOP worshippers can crawl out of their hole now!

Anonymous said...

I hope Hamzy invited those businesses that dumped all that oil and the one who has that polluted land near the entrance to Rockwell Park. But businesses do no wrong just workers. According to the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

How do we know that CC the biased GOP lover is still mouthing off. Useless as usual. Tell us what you have done

Anonymous said...

Taxes soon aren't going to make a difference when there are no sales. Just let Ward and O'Brien keep giving away the ranch to the unions like the settlements they made this year and pretty so no body will be buying anything.

Anonymous said...

Get with the program.

IT IS a budget problem too!!

Economies fluctate: good managers respond and adjust.

Conn hasn't!!

Maybe that is why we don't have a budget and why taxes will go up.

Don't be looking for excuses.

Concerned Conservative said...

I hope the foolish people attacking and mocking me read the follow up story on the results of this meeting.

The bottom line is that these companies are losing business to other companies in more competitive locations. Another fact is that the business climates are more attractive in other states and some of these local businesses are being called on by other (more pro-business states) to re-locate there.

Perhaps the Democrats will see the light and if not let's hope the voters do in 2010.

The GOP has for a long time been the party of business, free-enterprise, entrepreneurship and capitalism. In 2009 it appears it's also the only party with a clue.

Anonymous said...

CC - Ward and his buddies want Bristol to be the Dem City. As long as Ward and his union buddies are around this town will not move ahead. Mayor spends more time in the bars then he does the Mayors office anyway, guess making deals at the bar is easier.

Anonymous said...

CC More businesses have caused the people(taxpayers) to lose their whole life savings but that's OK with you as long as they are republican businesses.What about Democrat businesses? Stop being what you are "A republican hack !"

Anonymous said...

CC is (Yawn) boring . Maybe he hasn't a clue! Ha some blog .It's Just a blog to promote the whining Republican agenda. They still think they rule the world.