August 18, 2009

Gill formally pulls out of mayor's race

Republican mayoral candidate John Gill formally resigned as his party’s candidate Tuesday.

Without citing any reasons, Gill submitted a letter to the city clerk declaring that he was giving up the GOP’s mayoral slot on the November 3 ballot.

Republicans have said in recent days they were waiting for Gill’s resignation before taking public steps to pick a successor.

Gill, a 29-year-old attorney, tsaid this week he is leaving the race but declined to talk about the reason.

Party officials said, however, that Gill told them a health issue arose unexpectedly that precluded him from continuing in the race against Mayor Art Ward, a Democrat, and independent hopeful Gary Lawton.

Party leaders said they are talking to prospective candidates and may be angling to put a woman at the top of the ticket. No solid names have surfaced.

Gill emerged from obscurity last month to leap into the contest for the city’s top job. He was nominated by the Republican Town Committee soon afterward.

Apparently, Gill learned about two weeks later of a health issue that required him to leave the race.

Though Gill didn’t want to talk about the problem, several party officials said Gill had good reason to pull out and could not have known earlier that his campaign would be cut short.

Republicans need at least five days before they can pick a successor candidate in order follow rules about calling the required party meeting.

They could, however, name someone as their likely standard bearer before giving the next mayoral candidate a legal green light to run.


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Gary L. Lawton said...

I wish Mr. Gill nothing but the best for him. I hope everything works out well for him .

Anonymous said...

This blog sure has been quiet since Ward has been on vacation. Once he gets back, watch out he will be blogging.

Anonymous said...

11:01 AM,

Maybe you should follow his lead and give the rest of us a vacation from your constant whining?

maybe said...

11:01 sure sounds like someone with issues.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1:25 & 5:32pm, both the same - maybe you should take your meds.

Anonymous said...

2:57 - Nope, not the same.

More confabulation and paranoia? I think maybe you're the one who should consider upping the meds.

Anonymous said...

11:01 & 2:57 - both the same - maybe u have taken the wrong meds.

Anonymous said...

what did ward scare him off,

Anonymous said...

Now is the time for thr RTC to approach Stortz: he is the only chance they have to win.