August 3, 2009

Foreclosures, anyone?

I have to write a story about foreclosures in Bristol -- thanks, boss -- so I'm eager to hear from anyone who is struggling to hang on to their home or willing to tell me about what it was like to lose one to the bank or the city because you couldn't keep up the payments. If you've got an interesting angle on the issue, let me know!

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Anonymous said...

Why not do a story on people who use inside information to take advantage of these foreclosures? Here's a hint: start with the local slumlords. Some manage to get steals on foreclosed property with opportunities that other people don't get.

Anonymous said...

How about letting us know the process of which to purchase a foreclosed home? There are so many scams out there when it comes to this stratagy, it would be nice to know what it entails, and what each party has to go through, during this difficult situation. Good luck, on what could be a touchy subject.

amarko55 said...

Another angle to pursue - talk to local attorneys about conducting foreclosure sales. Back when dinosaurs walked the earth, I did a few of those. Its called being the Committee for Sale. Once a homeowner boobytrapped his basement. He left water running and put electrical cords in the water. Often they completely destroy the home just before the sale. Its foolish because if the property sells for enough they get the excess money over the balance of the mortgage and costs of the sale.

Anonymous said...

steve, you should go to the foreclosure short calendar - on monday mornings at 9:15 in new britain superior court. that's where it all goes down (if you're a bristol res in foreclosure). you'll find a lot of subjects for an article there - attorneys and disgruntled homeowners. you can also find out when they do the auctions and attend.