August 10, 2009

Center Street intersection to get some help

The city’s moving forward with plans to widen a stretch of Center Street.

City councilors are expected Tuesday to approve a $159,000 contract with VMS Construction Co. to carry out the work.

The Vernon-based VMS beat out five competitors to secure the contract to improve the intersection at North Main Street, city records show.

The main goal of the project, slated to begin this summer, is to add a turning lane for drivers heading east in hopes of alleviating the long backups at the traffic light next to the central firehouse.

The additional lane should prevent the blockage that often occurs when one car is trying to turn left but can’t get an opening.

If often caused drivers aiming to go straight or turn right to wait through a light cycle until the path clears.

Though the problem has existed for years, the change to the layout of the post office parking lot a couple of years go made the delays worse because most of those leaving the post office exit onto Center Street and head back toward North Main.

Ray Rogozinski, an assistant city engineer, has said the fix won’t resolve every problem, but it should make a difference.

“I can’t say you’ll never be aggravated at that intersection,” Rogozinski said last spring.

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Anonymous said...

And continue to make the downtown area less pedestrian friendly!

Anonymous said...

If we had succeeded in moving the post office elsewhere, we wouldn't need this, and we would have had more land for development. Same with the Fire House.

Backward thinking, and I am not referring to Ward.

Anonymous said...

Another favor for Carpenter.

Anonymous said...

This is yet another example of Ray Rogozinski's journey through na-na land. What about the traffic heading west there Mr. Smart-guy? Why can't they get people to work in gov't that have a clue?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking back my union negotiated raise this year (supposedly because the city was broke) and spending it on meaningless projects as fast as you can spend it. How can such a move even be ethical or legal? Cry poverty one week, take up a colection from the unions, and then turn around and respend it on something lke this. I'm thinking the city is not that broke.

NOT mine said...

I enjoy hearing the 'hard-working' union employees are suffering .

Keep up the crying , it warms the cockles of my heart .

Anonymous said...

Carpenter is the big beneficiary.

Should be worth some donations.

proof said...

9:09 - obvious that you aren't thinking at all.

Anonymous said...

Has the possible impact on the safety of Fire Trucks and Fire Fighters been considered: vehicles making right turn across driveway as Fire Fighters respond to a call?