August 13, 2009

Hines to head Mills' campaign

Press release from Republican City Council candidate Dave Mills:

Mills Taps Jack Hines as Campaign Manager
Third District Republican City Council candidate Dave Mills has tapped Jack Hines , SR. VP at First Bristol Federal Credit Union, to manage his election bid this fall. Hines, is well know in the community for his active role in many projects with great energy and enthusiasm.
"Jack has garnered the respect of the community having served on numerous boards and committees. He has devoted his life to making Bristol a better communityby unselfishly donating his time to various worthy causes.I feel very fortunate to have a person of this quality on our team", Mills concluded.

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Anonymous said...

This is good. Relying on the know-nothings on the current Republican Town Committee to run a campaign is a sure-fire path to defeat for anyone.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic move Dave.

Time to get more leaders involved in the process!

To the 7:43 poster, get out of the cheap seats and get involved, or keep your mouth shut. The R's will likely hold 3 seats on council after November, quite possibly 4. Seems like they're doing a helluva lot more than you are.

Let's not forget the RTC reached out to Mills and got him involved in the process. He's certianly his own man and in my opinion he would have run far away if he didn't like what he saw from them.

Anonymous said...

Dave may be the only "Republican" elected this fall.

The R's did not seek out Mills: they had three potentials BEFORE he came forward.

Anonymous said...

August 13, 2009 9:35 PM;

1) I will not "keep (my) mouth shut". Remarks telling people to "keep (their mouths) shut", proves that you (current RTC members)are classless amateurs and are over your heads.

2) The amateurs on the RTC (especially in the 3rd district) are lucky they have a viable candidate this year. It was looking pretty bad before Mills showed up.

3) I would assume the people on the RTC wouldn't tell Mills to "get lost" but I doubt they did much arm twisting. I doubt many of them even knew Mills before he anounced.

4) Again, Mills would be wise to let the current RTC help him and the RTC would we wise to do so as well (it's their duty really). But Mills should and will bring in more substantial citizens into the fold for his campaign. This more is evidence.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dave, I think the Mr. Hines adds a great deal to your already strong campaign organization.

I look forward to voting for you in the fall.

Anonymous said...

9:15 Amateurs? Do you even know who is on the the 3rd District Committee? They were in bad shape before Mills? Really? They had four great candidates and endorsed the best two, one being Dave and the other being Derek. Both of these guys are very promising. Too bad the Dems couldn't have had the same opportunity with their "candidates."

Anonymous said...

All politicians are "promising".
That is part of the problem.

Great candidate that they bad mouthed in Lawton?

Who else?

What has the district done to help the district, help the party, help the city?

Anonymous said...

Jack Hines is a gentleman and a great choice to lead Dave's team.

Dave has already given a lot to this community; please be thankful that he's willing to keep giving. Let him be an example for all of us that want to be involved.

Anonymous said...

Hines for Mayor!

meg case said...

who is this guy? the 8/13 7:43pm blogger?

Bristol is so fortunate that the likes of two upstanding gentlemen like Jack Hines and Dave Mills would agree to do this. They dont do it to fulfill their own egos, they have already accomplished so much in their lives; lives of service to family, church, and community. Bristol is so fortunate that these men are willing to serve yet again.