August 13, 2009

Stortz seeks road name changes

A note from former Mayor William Stortz to Mayor Art Ward and Mike Nicastro, head of the Greater Bristol Chamber of Commerce:

Mayor, Mike,

Long ago, it was proposed that the Route 72 addition be named in honor of Bart Banes, a big suporter of the project. Supposedly, Representative Michell addressd this at the state level.

More recently, I suggested that some part of the road near Lake Compounce be named in honor of Stretch Norton.

I am writing to ask that you make sure that these efforts go forward. Certainly the city and its officials will play a key role, and the Chamber certainly can help bring these efforts to fruition.

Anything I can do to help, let me know.


William T. Stortz

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Gary L. Lawton said...

While i am not sure i know who Bart Barnes, certianly something could be done for Mr.Norton, he gave so much to this community I think it would be a nice gesture on the part of the City of Bristol to do something for him

Anonymous said...

If so I hope his name is spelled right !!!!

Anonymous said...

Did Gary Lawton crawl out from under a rock? Bart Barnes is considered a pillar of the Bristol community. Both Bart and Stretch deserve to have roads named after them. Good idea from Stortz - and he's not even runnning for office!

Anonymous said...

Lawton: That's why you have no buisness being Mayor.

Anonymous said...

Wow Gary... for a life-long resident, you sure must not have been paying attention. Dear Lord!

Both of these gentlemen should have roads named for them.

Unfortunately since this will likely devolve into an attack on Stortz and Lawton, let me be the first to state that Bill should have a long winding road that leads to nowhere named for him. As for Lawton, it should be a cul-de-sac, as his political career is destined to be a dead end.

Jack Ben Phil said...

just remember, this is a slippery slope.

today "stretch norton street"

tomorrow "gary burghoff boulevard" ?

maybe the current names r ok....

ps who was james p. casey anyway ?


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bill. I agree that both Bart and Stretch deserve the honor.

Anonymous said...

Now I see why people do not want to put their names to anything.
The above comments have turned into personal attacks, when from what I see, Bill's original letter was to make sure that the effort to names something after Barne and Norton is not forgotten.

Gary L. Lawton said...

You are right I have lived in Bristol going on 32 yearsand yet did not know who Bart Barnes was,for that i apologize but then agian can anyone in town remember or know every important person who has helped this town become our home. If you can than god bless you and you are a better person than I. So to 4:57 and 9:32 and 9:42 I guess you deserve an apology from me for not knowing. Sorry.

Anonymous said...


That is the whole point to naming streets, buildings etc. after those people that have made Bristol the great city that it is.

We should not forget them, and we should make it possible for subsequent generations to remember them.

Bob Boudreau said...

Jack Ben Phil -

James P. Casey was a Mayor in Bristol in the 1950's

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can rename the outhouses at Rockwell for Bill Stortz?

Anonymous said...


Why don't you suggest that in a signed letter to the Chamber and the Mayor?

Anonymous said...


Ironically, not inappropriate, since Stortz has been cleaning up the SH-- left behind by people like you for years.

Anonymous said...



One of the best comments on this blog in a long time.

Anonymous said...

How about naming streets after those who were killed in action?