October 28, 2008

Wright wants to help ESPN find workers

Press release from 77th District state representativee candidate Chris Wright, a Democrat:


Chris Wright, the Democratic candidate for State Representative in Bristol’s 77th District, wants to ensure that ESPN’s future employment needs are met by the state by considering implementing education and job-training programs to meet ESPN’s requirements for employment.
“We are all proud that ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in Sports, is headquartered right here in Bristol and is a leading Connecticut corporate citizen,” Wright said.
Wright pointed out that ESPN currently provides thousands of local and state jobs and career opportunities in a unique cultural and diverse environment.
“We should use all our educational and job-training resources to help ESPN maintain that workforce,” Wright said. “That might mean working with ESPN to create special job training courses at our vocational-trade schools or a more sophisticated curriculum at our community colleges or at the university level.’
Wright expressed concern that many businesses in Connecticut are worried about being able to find trained workers to fill their future employment needs.
“ESPN may not be having problems filling their workforce needs today, but let’s not take that chance with a company that has put Bristol on the map and means so much for Connecticut,” Wright said.
“This obviously would have to be undertaken only if it is something that ESPN believes is worthwhile and welcomes,” Wright said. “Let’s be prepared to make the offer and be ready to act, because ESPN is too important for Bristol’s and Connecticut’s future.”
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Anonymous said...

So there's no problem and he wants to fix it. Hmmmmm....

Maybe we just don't have any problems right now.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a ploy by wright to get a job

Anonymous said...

What the hell is this wacko talking about! Is ESPN having trouble finding talent? ESPN receives plenty of tax breaks from the city and state. There is no need to give them more money to find employees.

Hey Cris lets invest in that frivolous thinking you have going on over there on how to eliminate the state income tax!

Anonymous said...

This is insane. ESPN is one of the most profitable companies in the world, and Wright wants the State to help them train potential future employees? Let's analyze this....

ESPN has a constant growing list of young people that are dying to intern there. These are the people they can groom to the technical level necessary for their future growth.

The State does not need to intercede with training ESPN employees for future employees because ESPN (as well as any other company in Connecticut) can arrange for customized training through the Community College circuit any time they want to. All they have to do is call the local college and make the arrangements. Business in this area do this all the time. The manufacturing industry has training through the Community Colleges, as does many hospitals and other clinical environments.

Universities and Colleges all across the country have Broadcast related degrees as standard curriculum. These are the people that ESPN hires, and there is no shortfall in students pursuing these degrees.

Wright needs to get a grip on reality. This is not something the State should be stepping into without ESPN requiring it. They can do this on their own.

Anonymous said...

And maybe if CT had a ready and strong work force in the industry other media companies may look to relocate to Connecticut or ESPN could branch out more. Those who disdain Wright for wanting to foster business and industry are the same ones who don't notice all of the empty storefronts downtown. Or maybe it's just Jill Fitzgerald, who only lets her husband do the talking for her. Talk about special interests.

Anonymous said...

12:32 We do see the empty storefronts, but what is Wright doing about that, hmmmm?

Michael Zimmer said...

ESPN is important to the local economy and it would be wonderful to have a media program at the high school and college level.

Companies that feel additional education programs are important to their business generally cough up some funding to make those programs happen and actually assist in their development to ensure they meet their needs.

The economy is at an all time low; people are losing their homes and jobs; and the cost of living is out of site.

Lets let ESPN lead that effort if need be and focus our time on the real issues that will still be on our plate after the election is over.

Anonymous said...

Terryville High School has a media program and has provided ESPN with skilled employees.

Anonymous said...

Typical, just typical. Create a problem where none exists and use public taxpayer dollars to fund a solution that you didn't need in the first place. Typical Government.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Fitzgerald. She's not looking for places to throw our money away!