October 10, 2008

Gay marriage ruling hailed by justice of the peace

Laura Minor, a justice of the peace in Bristol, said the gay marriage ruling is “absolutely incredible. I’m delighted.”

Minor said that she has performed many marriages and a number of civil unions.

“The love between all of the couples – when I see the the look they have for each other in their eyes – is exactly the same” whether the couple is straight or gay, Minor said.

“This is a basic issue of justice,” Minor said.

She said that religions should be able to decide who can marry within their faiths based on their own traditions and beliefs.

But government has an obligation to recognize marriage as a civil right for everyone “without discrimination.”

Civil unions are “only partway there,” she said.

Minor said she can’t wait to perform her first gay marriage.

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Anonymous said...

I've heard of JPs quitting rather than being forced to perform such a ceremony. I have to say I'd quit too.

Anonymous said...

Can me and my dog get married, too? We love each other.