October 22, 2008

Teachers and police back Wright in 77th District

Press release from state House hopeful Chris Wright, a Democrat in the 77th District:


Chris Wright, the Democratic candidate for State Representative in Bristol’s 77th District, has been endorsed by the Connecticut Council of Police Unions, AFSCME, Council 15, AFL-CIO and AFT Connecticut representing teachers and other employees.

Connecticut Police Council 15 President Paul J. Ariola, in his endorsement letter to Wright said, “It is our believe that your election to the State House is in the best interests of the residents of Connecticut as well as our four thousand members who serve as sworn police officers in sixty-two municipalities throughout the State.”

AFT Connecticut’s membership includes 28,000 workers in both the private and public sectors. Membership includes teachers, state and municipal employees, healthcare workers, educational paraprofessionals and school related personnel, and higher education staff and faculty.

I am proud to be endorsed by the Connecticut Council of Police representing the men and women here in Bristol and statewide who put their lives on the line for us every day” Wright said. “I thank AFSCME Council 15 and its members for the confidence they have in me.”

AFT Connecticut has a history of fighting for adequate funding for state services, quality and affordable health care for everyone and collective bargaining,” Wright said. “I welcome their support and am prepared to work for legislation that provides a better quality of life for working families, issues that AFT Connecticut has been engaged in for many years.”

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Anonymous said...

Wow...huge surprse! Unions backing the Dems!! Who would have guessed!

Anonymous said...

Steve, why would you state the obvious? Now if they ever backed a Republican, that's something to write about.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Police Union did endorse Republican Ron Burns when he ran last time. If this blog existed then, I am sure that Steve would have wrote about that too!

Anonymous said...

I am a union member and although I benefit directly from the collective bargaining power of the AFT, I still am not voting for Chris Wright. The Democrats have too much control over our state. We are onr of the highest taxed and it's one of the most expensive place to live. Connecticut is one of the most pro-labor, anti-business states in the country. No growing companies want to locate here.

I am a "Reagan Democrat" and Chris Wright strongly critisized the great policies of Ronald Reagan...ones that got us out of one of the worst periods in our country's recent history, the Carter years.

It's time for people to say enough's enough and it's time for union people like me who work in the public sector to see that all Wright will do is hurt the state economy, raise taxes and drive more jobs out of Connecticut. Wright is wrong for Bristol and for Connecticut.

Vote for Jill Fitzgerald.

Anonymous said...

6:43...that was the locals...not the state union that has no idea how poor of candidate wright is for Bristol.

Anonymous said...

Unions=Obama=Bad News=Organized Crime

Anonymous said...

Simply Amazing,
Concilman Cockayne is saying that he is concerned about the taxpayers money but he supports the COO. I don't get it!! What are the specific savings by having a COO? All the proponents talk about is Accountability. Are the savings we supposedly will save by hiring a COO generate enough to cover the cost of a COO, his/her health coverage, their office support staff, their office space, etc., or will it end up costing us taxpayers more money? Why do you want to increase the level of government? Show us exactly how much money we will save by hiring a new position, actual figures not estimates. These are the questions we should be asking the supporters of the COO!

Remember, you will hire a person at approx. $150,000. who will have to answer to the Mayor who is paid half that amount, does this make sense? If there are problems with accountability and the Mayor cannot handle or solve the problem, then you simply elect a new Mayor. The present system has worked well for the citizens of Bristol so why change it?

The COO position is not about saving the taxpayers money or accountability, it is strictly a political attack by a disgruntled loser who lost a election for Mayor and a rich former business owner looking for a nest egg for himself or one of his relatives.

BOO on the COO.

John Reek said...

Ronald Reagen continues to be the most overated anti working man in history. Each time I hear of his accomplishments I get ill, there was never a time when the rich were richer and the poor were firmly held down with the republican boot on our necks.
I really wish I had a sympathetic comment for jerome. I work for a living I have 4 kids with my mortgage and rapidly dwindling savings taking the easy way out defies explanation.
I have also yet to learn of any insurance company that pays as a result of suicide therefore I hope this was an accident.

Anonymous said...

Seems that much of the negative, anti-common folk policies of the national republican party thought process, regardless if it is Reagen or Bush,has been adopted by the bristol gop and a self-serving element of the bristol democratic party with this coo bit.
VOTE NO ON THE COO and VOTE NO next November on any of these bone-heads responsible for this fiasco who run for office. They aren't thinking of the taxpayers now and won't be thinking of the taxpayers if they are ever elected to office representing us.

Anonymous said...

John Reek:

Perhaps you think the anti-growth policies, high inflation, high interest rates, weak foreign policy and weak national defence of Jimmy Carter, Barak Obama and the Left in this country is better for you but either now or in a few years most will disagree with you considerably.

Anonymous said...

5:57. During the last round of local elections, AFT Connecticut and Bristol Federation of Teachers both endorsed Robert Merrick, a local teacher and a republican, for a city council seat.

NObama - bin - Biden said...

If you do vote for Wright , you deserve the pain inflicted by the unions on you and your children .

Anonymous said...


You're correct, but thank goodness he lost!

Anonymous said...

How come you "Phony" union haters don't say anything when a union endorses one of your own. Oh brother!

Anonymous said...

Hey JOhn Reek, maybe everyone doesn't have the strength and courage you do.

Maybe everyone i not as perfect as you. God knows I don't want to be.

YOur comments regardin Derek taking the easy way out were totally uncalled for. SInce when is suicide the easy way out?
I's still a life lost.

AS for what his widow gets for insurance is none of your damn business.

Stick it whwere the sun doesn't shine pal

Anonymous said...

Easy decision: If you want to pay more taxes, vote for Wright. If you think this state should be more fiscally responsible, vote for Fitzgerald.

Anonymous said...

The AFT made a mistake backing Wright. A nice guy but totally lacking any knowledge of how the world works.

You'd think that knowledge and experience would win the teacher's vote over political affiliation.

Anonymous said...

I would vote against anyone the teachers back. Fitzgerald gets my vote.