October 7, 2008

AAA bond rating may be possible for Bristol

Since Oct. 1, Moody's has been rating municipal bonds using the same criteria as corporate bonds, which is leading to many more communities with high bond ratings.
Given that Bristol isn't far off now, and has both a healthy reserve and an overfunded pension fund, it's likely to reach the top tier when the credit rating agencies take another look.
That's good news for taxpayers.

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Anonymous said...

Terrific news! And to have it come only hours after the newest polls showing a likely landslide victory for Barack Obama is doubly good news for Bristol and the entire world! Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Please, keep the good news coming, Steve!

Anonymous said...

Socialized medicine! Hooray!

Higher taxes! Hooray!

Unemployment! Hooray!

Bread lines! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Fear Mongering! BOOOOOOOOOO!

Unfounded Accusations! BOOOOOOOO!

Repugnant Republicants! Hissssssssssss!