October 23, 2008

Fund set up to assist Derek Jerome's sons

Reporter Jackie Majerus wrote this:

A fund has been established to help provide for the children of Derek Jerome, a candidate for state House who took his own life this week.

T.J. Barnes, who chairs the Bristol Republican Town Committee, said Wednesday that Jerome's friends had established the account at Valley Bank out of concern for Jerome's two young sons.

Friends found Jerome, a Republican running against the Democratic incumbent, Rep. Frank Nicastro, to represent the 79th district, dead in his antique Cadillac convertible Tuesday afternoon. The car, in his garage on Redstone Hill Road, was still running, spewing poisonous carbon monoxide.

Barnes said economics were a definite factor, but he and other friends were still stunned by Jerome's drastic action.

Jerome, a self-employed business owner, leaves a wife, Teri, and two boys, six-year-old D.J. and six-month-old Brandon.

Barnes said D.J. is a student at St. Anthony's School. Contributions to the fund, Barnes said, will help keep life as normal as possible for the boy, including keeping him enrolled in his school "at least for the rest of the year and hopefully the foreseeable future."

Barnes said he's received a lot of calls from people asking how they could help. Making a contribution for the children is probably the best way, he said.

Jerome's funeral will be Friday at 10 a.m. at St. Anthony's Church, said Barnes.

Contributions can be made out to The Jerome Family Benefit Fund and sent to Valley Bank, 4 Riverside Ave., Bristol, Conn. 06010.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. I plan on sending a donation to this.

Although Barnes is a jerk, this is a good idea.