October 15, 2008

The last presidential debate...

Though the first two matchups between U.S. Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama were about as thrilling as a wetlands commission meeting, there may be a few people who bother to tune in tonight to see the last formal showdown between the two men who would be president.
I've never met either man so I have no special insight. But if you want to hail or slam one, the other or both, feel free to do so in the comments here.
As long as you don't drift into obscenity, you can say whatever you like, no matter how stupid it might be.
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Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that the "experts" @ determining the winner already have the results printed out for them ready to be read .

btw .... does anyone know whether Oprah will be getting a White House wing and staff , or , will she just be getting an office ??

Anonymous said...

Hail-Slam! Hail-Slam! Hail-Slam!

Anonymous said...

Is there a correlatioon that the bigger lead that Obama has, the more the market goes down?

Do they know something?

cseguin said...

I'm a bit of a nerd about political issues, so I'll most likely be tuning in for most of the debate after I get out of class. The law school has been great about giving students space to watch, so I'll probably catch at least the first half there before I go home.

I know I'm voting McCain, and nothing tonight will change my mind about that, but I'm still hoping he puts forth a good performance to sway some of the undecideds or tenuous Obama supporters.

Anonymous said...

Eat your hearts out cry babies !!!!

Anonymous said...

Is there a correlatioon that the bigger lead that Obama has, the more the market goes down?
Answer is people like you already sucked all the money you can get from the people, now try it on your own money ! We know you can't .

Tim Gamache said...

Steve:1) Be very careful what you wish for,yes?2)I sit on Inland/Wetlands as an alternate.Are you implying our meetings are not fascinating(LOL)?

Anonymous said...

@ October 15, 2008 11:15 AM

Your questions are absurd. Using your twisted logic, it could be argued that there is a correlation between Senator Obama's increased lead and the decreased price of a barrel of oil. Impossible.

The volatility of the stock market is due to forces associated with the world wide economic crisis, which can be directly linked to the Bush administration policies and all who supported them, including McSame!

Vote for change on November 4. Vote for OBAMA/BIDEN, the change we need!

Democrat for America said...

Democrat for America said...
It is widely known a persons' early childhood has a life-long effect on their future views and beliefs .

Consider where mr. obama spent these critical formative years . His early childhood was spent with his mother and step-father in Indonesia attending muslim schools .

Combine this with his 20+ year relationship with Rev. Wright and it becomes crystal clear the direction America would take should he ever be in possession of this nations' highest office.

Please consider these FACTS when you go to vote on November 4th.

Insight should also be gained from his recent tour of Europe where he held massive anit-America rallies .

Anonymous said...

Democrat for America said...
It is widely known a persons' early childhood has a life-long effect on their future views and beliefs .

Consider where mr. obama spent these critical formative years . His early childhood was spent with his mother and step-father in Indonesia attending muslim schools .

Combine this with his 20+ year relationship with Rev. Wright and it becomes crystal clear the direction America would take should he ever be in possession of this nations' highest office.

Please consider these FACTS when you go to vote on November 4th.

Insight should also be gained from his recent tour of Europe where he held massive anit-America rallies .

October 15, 2008 2:37 PM

Go to snopes.com where the truth is printed not repeated lies like you 'd like people to believe. You should be in jail with your lies.

Tim Gamache said...

"Massive anti-America rallies?"What planet are YOU on?Or maybe you should share whatever it is you're "smoking?"

Anonymous said...

"OBAMA/BIDEN, the change we need"

...and the change in our pockets is all we'll have left if Obama wins.

MCCAIN/PALIN - Change we can believe in.

Anonymous said...



Tell me please just who heads up the Banking Committee>

Does it start with DODD?

Anonymous said...

I hope Obama squirms while trying to explain all his anti-American friends and actions: ACORN, the preacher, the terrorist, his refusal to pledge the flag, his USA-hating wife, etc.

People on the fence should listen closely to Obama's slick talk and think about how little he's actually saying. All change is not for the better, some change is for the worse. Being for change of any kind is just not wise.

McCain has some ideas for GOOD changes. Watch tonight and listen to what HE says. He puts it right out there, you won't have to read between the lines with him.

Anonymous said...

The Senate banking committee doesn't set policies. Bush set the policies.

The Senate banking committee is charged with studying and reviewing matters relating to international economic policy as it affects United States monetary affairs, credit, and financial institutions; economic growth, urban affairs, and credit, and report thereon from time to time.

Their function is to watch over the policies set by the Executive Branch.

Dodd and the Senate banking committee tried to warn the Federal Reserve and the Bush administration of the trouble, but the warnings fell on deaf ears.

Don't blame Dodd. Blame Bush and the greedy repugnant republicants!

Vote OBAMA/BIDEN on November 4!

Anonymous said...

LOL! October 15, 2008 4:38 PM. Get serious!

If I was a gambling man (like McSame), I would bet against your position big time!

I'm looking forward to hearing one complete sentence from your old dog.

As an educated American citizen with a firm grasp of grammar, I was embarrassed by McIdiot's mangling of the English language during his last encounters with OBAMA.

Take a look at the written transcripts sometime.
It was pathetic, and I expect more of the same, if not much worse.

I'm going to make another prediction. The polls will increase four to six points in OBAMA's favor by the midnight Thursday. And it may be even higher if General Colin Powell comes out with an endorsement of Senator Obama after the debate, which is very likely.

I hope the McSame campaign has a concession speech ready. They're going to need it! You betcha!

Anonymous said...

The Banking committe provides oversight (didn't)!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, they DID provide oversight. Dodd, and the BI-PARTISAN committee did the best they could with the tools they had available to them.

Remember, the failed policies were set by the Bush/Cheney administration, in other words, the Executive Branch. Bush/Cheney and their criminal friends are the source of ALL the problems we now face.

Any argument to the contrary is BS!

Admit it October 15, 2008 6:51 PM, your repugnant republicant ticket is going to lose. Thank God, Allah, and every other Universally accepted entity that has helped to make this so. Great praise be upon them all, BLESSED BE, BLESSED BE, BLESSED BE!

Now, if you insist on being angry all the time, at least direct your frustrations in the proper place. Direct it at the right wing conservative fools who voted Bush/Cheney into the White House! They deserve all the blame. Oh, and unfortunately for you, McSame also deserves some of the blame, since he went right along with the "good old boys." Some maverick he is. LOL!

Hence, we are where we are today; in desperate need of change from the best candidates in the race: Senators OBAMA and BIDEN. Enjoy the debate!

Anonymous said...

8:09 If you are right about this election, you'd better be ready for "change." Start gathering sticks in the woods to keep warm, and get used to getting up early, so you can get a place in the bread lines. It will start with higher taxes, then unemployment will be rampant, and this country will be in a downward spiral.

If you are wrong, we all win! Taxes will be cut, and jobs will be created. Gas prices will drop. We will begin to pay off our national debt. Our country will only get better.

You will not change your mind before election day, but many people will. Many that I've talked with, Democrats included, are finally seeing what both candidates are about, and they're running to the McCain side.

The polls are neck and neck, within a margin of error. Don't count your chickens...

Anonymous said...

So far in the debate, McCain is going to do certain things, and Obama is going to "look at" certain things. What is this "look at," as McCain pointed out to the viewers? "Look at" is no commitment, no promise, no nothing. It's campaign propaganda. If he meant it, he would say "do" not "look at." And he says "look at" constantly. So what is he going to DO? We have no idea. The only definite plan is to raise taxes.

Anonymous said...

Kissy, Kissy, Wink, Wink ! ;o)

Anonymous said...


And the democrat controlled congress couldn't pass legislation???

I don't remember any Bush Veto.

Anonymous said...

Get serious 9:50 we can't believe any thing you say ! Whatmakesyou think your credability is worth any way? You are a loser !

Anonymous said...

It was fun watching Obama squirm.


Anonymous said...

Ah, 7:00, you took my advice and set your alarm clock! Now get out there and stack some wood, just in case!

McCain stuck it to Obama this time, and Obama did not even try to explain the money exchanges with the terrorist and with ACORN.
His associations with them would prevent Obama from even getting security clearance.

If you make $250,000 a year, you would be hurt by his tax policy. If you are working hard and hoping someday to make $250,000, he would kill your dream. "Spread the wealth around"? That's socialism, and it has no place in the United States of America.

McCain/Palin, you betcha!

Steve Collins said...

Whether you're rooting for McCain or Obama, you have to be glad that the last debate was a zillion times more interesting the first two snoozers.

Anonymous said...


The Scoop said...

BREAKING NEWS for Oct. 16, 2008...

Joe the plumber isn't a licensed plumber, and he doesn't pay his taxes!

McStupid doesn't know the difference between autism and downs syndrome.

McBlinky admits he's a "screw up" on Letterman Show!

And last but not least...


Excerpt: "Mr. Obama's temperament is unlike anything we've seen on the national stage in many years. He is deliberate but not indecisive; eloquent but a master of substance and detail; preternaturally confident but eager to hear opposing points of view. He has inspired millions of voters of diverse ages and races, no small thing in our often divided and cynical country. We think he is the right man for a perilous moment."

OBAMA/BIDEN...the right choice for America!

Anonymous said...

yada-yada-yada - Obama the "skilled orator" - no accomplishments, no experience, no way!!!

McCain/Palin - YOU BETCHA!

Anonymous said...

"yada-yada-yada" ? ? ?

This isn't a Seinfeld show, lame brain. Get with the program! Your foolish support of an angry old man is beyond ridiculous. Your comments are thoughtless and without merit. Maybe this is why you continue to cheerlead for McSame and Failin' Palin, the REAL terrorists, at least politically!

Think about it. All their negative campaigning is designed to strike fear/terror in the American people. In my view, that makes all the repugnant republicants associated with this destructive rhetoric POLITICAL TERRORISTS, including you!

Have you no dignity or common sense?

How sad. How very sad.

Vote OBAMA/BIDEN on November 4! Honorable men who will restore honor to America!

Anonymous said...

The print media supports the Democrat candidate ???

Breaking News .... NOT !!!!!!!!

They refuse to discuss his many inadequicies and major flaws .

Anonymous said...

Obama wouldn't know about honor.

His ACORN friends are registering people who are not eligible to vote, by the thousands. That is plainly dishonoring America.

His terrorist friend Ayers says he wished he'd done more. That's pretty dishonorable...or just downright evil.

His preacher Rev. Wright promotes hate toward whites and toward America. Honorable?

This is not made up to scare you, it's the truth. And this truth should scare all of us. Why did Obama hang around with these people? It says more about his charactar than any of his smooth talk in the debates. He is not fit for office.

Anonymous said...

Amen 4:30!

Anonymous said...

McCain knows about honor. He served his country and nearly made the ultimate sacrifice. He has been a maverick Senator, not following the party line but doing what is right for the country he so dearly loves. He is a great patriot.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

@ October 17, 2008 4:30 PM

Once again, your regurgitated repugnant republicant rhetoric speaks volumes about you, and the party you support.

Let's take a closer look...

1. The ACORN issue has nothing whatsoever to do with Barack Obama or his campaign. I welcome the FBI investigation because it will finally settle this matter and SHOULD end your unsubstantiated accusations/false connections.

2. The AYERS issue was explained by soon-to-be President Obama during the last debate. You're perpetuating a lie. Ask yourself, how honorable is that?

3. Barack admonished Reverend WRIGHT, forcefully and unequivocally after seeing the video for the first time. Even McLoser recognizes this is a non-issue and chooses not to address it directly. Why don't you give it up. Your honor, the democratic process, and your candidate are all suffering because of your lies.

Finally, your idea of "truth" is suspect at best. And who, besides yourself, do you think you're kidding? You should stop while you're behind or else you're going to find yourself even further behind.

The truth is clear and a growing majority of American citizens agree that Mr. Obama is better suited to occupy the office of President of the United States than the candidates on the repugnant republicant ticket, possibly by a landslide. :o)

@ October 17, 2008 5:56 PM

You're absolutely right, McCain does know about honor. That's why it's so difficult to understand why he continues to allow his campaign to generally dishonor the political process and specifically dishonor him personally. Unless, perhaps, McCain is NOT in charge of his own campaign, which is a subject that needs much more discussion. That discussion would naturally revolve around leadership.

Is he leading the campaign or following campaign leaders? For his sake, I sure hope it's the latter. At least then he could go back to the Senate with some dignity after losing because he can always blame his campaign. If he IS leading this poorly conceived and executed campaign then his dignity, integrity, and honor have been forfeited.

If you want real leadership beginning on January 20, 2009, vote for OBAMA/BIDEN on November 4!

Anonymous said...

Let's look a little closer still:

Obama worked for ACORN. ACORN is registering voters who are not eligible to vote. Why would they do that? I imagine so there would be more votes for Obama. Why would he affiliate himself with this kind of group? It says something about him.

Obama did not answer the question about Ayers. He talked around it pretty smoothly, but he never talked about the money. Ayers was a terrorist, and he was or is Obama's friend and supporter. That says something about Obama.

After seeing the video of Rev. Wright? He sat there for years of sermons and never got up and walked out? We'll never know why, but it says something about him.

The truth can hurt, and we feel sorry for our die-hard Democrat friends who have had to ditch their party's unfit candidate and go across the aisle for this election. But we welcome them with open arms.

McCain/Palin, you betcha!

Anonymous said...

Obama attended Rev. Wright's church for years - guess he never inhaled???...Ayers, Wright, Rezko??? Sorry, but the untested, inexperienced senator with NO legislative or military record (but who does have radical ties) should definitely NOT be our President! All Americans should stand up and say no to Nobama bin Biden!

McCain/Palin!!!! ;0)

Anonymous said...


Uh oh....Seems someone is confusing the NEWS with the TRUTH. Big difference!


Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS: Former Sec. of State Powell backs Obama for president!

And the good news just keeps on coming!

Anonymous said...

Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president

By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER, Associated Press Writer

AP – WASHINGTON – Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president, describing the Illinois senator as a "transformational figure."

Powell says both Obama and Republican John McCain are qualified to be commander in chief. But, in an interview Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press," he said Obama is better suited to handle the nation's economic problems as well as help improve it's standing in the world.

Powell expressed disappointment in the negative tone of McCain's campaign, as well as in his choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential nominee. Powell says he does not believe Palin is ready to take over as president, if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Powell picks the black guy. Big news story.