October 27, 2008

Approaching a record number of voters in Bristol

It’s been a quarter century since so many people wanted to vote  in Bristol.

At the close of business Monday, with one more day left to register to vote, the city voters rolls totaled 34,362 – with almost 1,200 of them signing up in the past three weeks.

“It’s like a zoo,” Republican Registrar Ellie Klapatch said Monday.

Voters have until 8 p.m. tonight to sign up to vote at the registrars’ office on the first floor of City Hall.

Klapatch said that given the expected swarm on Tuesday, the final registration tallies for Bristol probably won’t be done until Thursday.

But already they show the highest number of registered voters since the early 1980s. They far exceed the registration numbers of any presidential race in 20 years.

For the first time in a couple of years, the number of unaffiliated voters – those who didn’t pick a political party – exceeds the number of Democrats.

Democratic Registrar Bob Badal said there was a jump in the number who signed up as unaffiliated voters.

“Now they know it’s a general election,” he said, and they don’t need to pick a party as they would in a primary.

“The young people know what’s going on,” Badal said. He said he hopes the new voters will vote in all the races, not just the presidential contest.

There’s an unmistakable Democratic tide to the overall picture.

Since October 8, there have been 181 new Republicans added to the voter rolls. The Democrats, on the other hand, have added 774. That’s a 4-to-1 margin.

The number of unaffiliated voters stood Monday at 14,367 while Democrats trailed slightly with 14,316. Republicans claimed 5,635. There are 44 people registered to minor parties.

The election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.


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Anonymous said...

The sad thing is even with these overwelming numbers in their favor, the Bristol Democrats are small-acting and trivial and they refuse to stand up to the much more leftist and liberal-minded special interest groups that control their party.

Anonymous said...

And when I say "much more leftist and liberal-minded special interest groups" I mean compared to the voters, not necessarily all the Democrat candidates. Chris Wright certainly fits into the left of his party.

Anonymous said...

You're unbelievable October 27, 2008 8:07 PM!

It's not enough that you attack the Democratic presidential ticket, now you attack the members of the party, too! Unbelievable.

You need to get laid or something?

Anonymous said...

I'll eat my shirt if there is more than 60% of all these registered voters voting.

Anonymous said...

9:09 - sad part is that 8:07 is a result of that.

Anonymous said...

one should check the past voting turn out records - 50% is great and anything over that is fantastic. Would like to believe that if these people took the time and effort to register then the majority might come out to vote. It would be great.

Anonymous said...

Prediction: over 65%!!!

Anonymous said...

October 27, 2008 9:09 PM:

What a crude and immature comment. I take it you're a current Democrat political activist. Your comments are prime evidence proving my statement regarding classless behavior in addition to a tremendous voter registration advantage which one would think would eliminate the need for such behaviors.

Someday the people of Bristol will awaken and realize what a bunch of losers they've been trusting to select candidates and administrate Bristol. But I will admit the Bristol GOP isn't much better, it may actually be worse.

Remember this...anyone can be a Democrat...so be cautious who you attack.

Anonymous said...

10:54am - suggest that you reread your posting and duck - you don't want to be hit by the the pieces of shattering mirror that you were hoping to see your image in - suggest that you fall face down and get a true image of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Democrat=Socialist. Re-distribute the wealth means take from those who earn it and give to those who do not earn it. No wonder everyone is buying guns. The domcrats have shot themselves in the foot starting with the presidential tandem to right here in River City with wright being WRONG for Bristol, for CT, for the US and the WORLD! 8:07 hit it right!

Anonymous said...

It is sad how few of these voters will do any kind of homework at all before they vote.

Anonymous said...

homework? are you volunteering to be a tutor? It's actually sad that you feel so superior to the rest of us common folk.
You must be very lonely because there are more of us common sense people than you OTHERS. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

October 28, 2008 3:31 PM:

No, I'm sorry you're wrong (Like Wright).

Many Democrat Candidates and elected officials with their huge voter advantage behave like little children when they should behave like leaders. It's quite pathetic actually. The entire electorate deserves better. What ever happened to the classy Democrats who commanded respect who knew how to behave like adults?

Too bad, 3:31 PM, you can't comprehend reality but it would take much more class then you possess. Many Bristol Democrats can't even take a little criticism or moderate opposition with out getting all ruffled. Case in point: your responses.


Anonymous said...

If you don't know anything about a candidate, common sense will not help you. It is your responsibility to be an informed voter. Unless, of course, you just vote the party. In that case you have no common sense at all.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are steadily falling further behind.