October 21, 2008

Congressional candidate debate on Thursday

The League of Women Voters of Greater Hartford and WHC-TV of West Hartfordare hosting a one-hour debate at 7 p.m. Thursday between 1st District congressional contender John Larson and Joe Visconti. Larson is the incumbent Democrat while Visconti is the GOP's challenger.

The debate, which is open to the public, is slated to take place in the legislative chamber at West Hartford's town hall, 50 South Main St. in West Hartford.

League of Women Voters of Greater Hartford wrote the questions that will be asked. The League, which hasn't had a Bristol chapter for about 15 years, has a nonpartisan policy and neither supports nor opposes candidates. 

Green Party candidate Stephen Fournier isn't happy about his exclusion, according to this post on his blog.


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Joe Visconti said...


I signed Fournier's petiton to run because it's so important for all views to be heard. I also ran as a Petitioning Candidate before and know what it feels like. John Larson and I both agreed when the League asked our campaigns if we minded if Steve join us for this debate but I guess the State League said no. It's too bad, Steve has worked so hard and to be left out is horrible.

Anonymous said...

Both Larson and Visconti should decline unless Steve is included.I am a Democrat(and will probably vote that way),but I consider Steves' exclusion unAmerican.

Anonymous said...

When is Denski going to debate Hamzy?