October 9, 2008

How low will it go?

It's stunning how the Dow and other market indexes just keep plummeting.
Thank goodness my company is rock solid. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Just proves that all the politics, bureaucracy, bluster, rhetoric and grandstanding in Washington can not and will not artificially manipulate the financial market on Wall Street.

Send Barney Franks and Chris Dodd a thank you note. They got us into this with their buddies at Fannie and Freddie. Then they blamed Bush when it all tanked. Then they came up with the bogus plan of spending more money that we don’t have to bail out the idiots that bought houses they couldn’t afford through brokers that didn’t care when then sold the bundled mortgages to financial houses that had no idea what they were buying.

Now they want to actually buy into the banks. Lord help us.

The Neighborhood Assistance Act passed by Congress was spearheaded by Chris and championed by Barney and it forced banks to write mortgages in the inner cities. When the banks said that the lending standards wouldn’t allow for that; Congress told them to drop the standards and make the loans. Stupid Congress, stupid buyers, stupid brokers, stupid financial houses.

A plastic surgeon can fix ugly. Nobody can fix stupid. Now we are all paying for it.

Anonymous said...

Time to break out the Jonestown, I mean Dow Jonestown Coolaid.

Anonymous said...

October 9, 2008 6:23 PM:

You're right. This whole mess was started by a liberal government pressuring lenders to give loans to irresponsible dead-beats.

Reagan was right. More government is not the solution, it is the problem.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinkin of getting a gun in case we have a Civil War of Civil unrest...it really can happen if thing keep going this way. If the dollar becomes worth less and less, all we will have left is gold and material items for value. I plan on protecting what I have. I head sales of safes are up too.

Steve Collins said...

Wow, I just realized that with the equity in my house, I could buy the entire company I work for. That can't be good.

Anonymous said...


Obviously there are no career opportunities for YOU in "journalism" outside of Bristol. So I would recommend (when the Press disloves), that you either purchase the name or start your own little left-wing partisan rag (deceptively disquised as even-handed), as to give continuing coverage to all the Democrat hacks you look up to so.

Steve Collins said...

Well, that's something to consider. ;)

Anonymous said...

Does Dodd have any money in the market??

Anonymous said...

It will continue to slide as long as it looks like we will be having a democrat administration.