December 11, 2007

Palmisano stepping down from BDA

Mae Palmisano, a Bristol Development Authority member, is not seeking another term on the panel.
In a letter to the mayor, she said that she has enjoyed working on the volunteer panel for the past four years, but doesn't have time to keep it up.
"My commitments have grown tremendously since joining this board," Palmisano said, including her music, chairing the Mum Festival and more.
She said she is particularly keen to focus "as much energy" as possible into the program she runs at the Bristol Community Organization to reach people about fiscal responsibility.
Palmisano said she it was "a privilege and honor working" with the BDA. She said every time she drives on North Main Street and sees the streetscape project, she views it as a reminder of time well spent.
The new industrial park next door to the former Superior Electric, which is "well on its way," will be awesome when it's done, Palmisano added.
There's no word yet on her successor.

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Anonymous said...

Guess Mae doesn't like 7:00 AM meetings.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your dedication and years of service to the city. You're an amazing person and a great power of example! You're one in a million!

Anonymous said...

How could anyone with a conscience possible say something nasty about Mae.

Mae, You are a GREAT AMERICAN!

Anonymous said...

Mae who?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, try and get more involved in the community to get to know the players.

Mae said...

Thank you for all your positive comments.. It has been a very rewarding experience..time to make a mark in another direction. Our new Mayor is doing a fine job on BDA. I am sorry I couldn't be there for his term.Mae

Anonymous said...

Mae has never actually accomplished anything for the city. She gets involved on boards and committees merely as an ego thing -she just wants people to think she's popular. Mae has no edeucation and hasn't been able to hold any job for more than a year at a time. It's a mystery to most who know her why she ever got the city appointments in the first place.