June 13, 2009

Why the New Britain DMV office?

The state targeted the Department of Motor Vehicles office in New Britain for a number of reasons, according to Michael Cicchetti, deputy director of the Office of Policy and Management.

Cicchetti said Saturday the office was picked for closure because it is leased rather than owned, which means the state can save on rent if it’s not open.

It is also reasonably close to the full service offices in Wethersfield and Waterbury, he said, along with AAA offices in West Hartford and Plainville that provide some of the services.

Moreover, Cicchetti said, more of the DMV’s business will be able to be done online soon, necessitating fewer trips to the actual offices.

Registration by mail and longer times between license renewals have already helped cut down on the use, he said.

Because of those factors, Cicchetti said, officials thought the New Britain DMV could be closed “without having a huge impact on service.”

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Sacquatch said...

Have these big shots ever been inside New Braitain DMV. It gets a lot of traffic. Been in the other two and you better be ready to spend all day for something simple. Have to take a hole day off from work to get anything done.
Closing the N.B. DMV will only cause more waiting, longer lines and trouble.
On line is no better. Many people do not have the internet in their homes.
It is impossible to get them on the phone.
What are these simpletons thinking. Because they don't use it no one else dose. Why not ask us taxpayers first before causing more trouble for us. We pay their saleries and they give us the short end of the stick. It is a shame they have no idea what the average person goes thru.

true negatives said...

Sacquatch needs to be offering up alternative budget solutions rather than the continual bashing statements being blogged. Typical negative responses from bloggers on this site.

cseguin said...

Steve - do they have any plans as far as expansion of the Wethersfield or Waterbury branches, in terms of space or employees? Even with increased online services, with the amount of displaced patrons from the New Britain office, I could see some serious problems with long lines and delays in getting service.