June 13, 2009

Greener trucks for public works

The Connecticut Clean Fuel Program last week awarded $72,000 to the city to help it may for hybrid public works vehicles.

The city got money to cover the difference between a conventional trash truck and dump truck compared with the hybrid version.

Mayor Art Ward said the new trucks will help save energy while bolstering the public works fleet.

Funded by the Federal Highway Administration, the Connecticut Clean Fuel program distributed more than $645,000 to municipalities across he state last week.

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Anonymous said...

So we have to spend money on something that Ward felt we did not need, to save a few dollars.

Just think how much we will save if we don't jump to this "Free

Anonymous said...

Bristol doesn't need garbage trucks?

Anonymous said...

Ward said we didn't

yawn again said...

too bad that some of these posters never have spent time reviewing the various budget meetings rather than demonstrating their ignorance of the process.

Anonymous said...


They are workshops: is the public allowed to participate?

Do they provide documentation in advance?

Anonymous said...

Art's idea of a green truck is a $3.59 can of emerald green.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure as soon as gas prices go up we will be complaining that the city is spending too much of the rainy day fund on "unexpected gas price increase"

These trucks will be helpful in the long run and help save even more as gas prices increase.

Anonymous said...

Ward is taking care of his good ole boys in PW. Just like he promised them. To bad its on the backs of tax payers.

saner said...

let's see, ward is so pro-union, then he is anti-union because he asks for give-backs, then he is taking care of the unions again because he is buying eco-friendly hybrid vehicles with grant money - sure as hell hope that you have better arguments for supporting his opponent in november because so far, you are one weak, nimble-minded, ignorant idiot = please don't take the rest of us for being such as ass as you.

Not mine said...

These trucks will be helpful in the long run and help save even more as gas prices increase.

June 14, 2009 10:14 PM

If YOUR president didn't keep bumping up the fuel prices to force Americans to bow down to his wishes we wouldn't need to waste our money on such absurd fantasies .

Anonymous said...

Good move for this one. Being environment friendly is a nice idea. When we thought of the trucks we always got in our minds bucket trucks which sometimes dubbed as the cherry picker. This is true where this equipment really helps in jobs where height is the matter.

Used Bucket Truck said...

Greener trucks is the best way to help protect our enviornment from unnecessary polution. Also purchasing used trucks help the enviornment as well.

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Bucket trucks said...

I think they do need a garbage truck