June 11, 2009

Blog is no longer blocked

Somebody's paying attention at City Hall.
The blog is no longer blocked.
Ah, victory.

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Anonymous said...

Ward got caught and changed it!!

Now he will say he doesn't know what happened.

Anonymous said...

It was probably the new filtering software Mayor Back-Ward mentioned.

All's well that ends well.

Anonymous said...

regardless of ones freedom. A City worker is the citezens employee's...So I say GET BACK TO WORK!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope that the block is reinstated. The blog may help you in your job, Steve, but city employees visiting this site will not get my trash picked up or put a body in front of me at the tax office. I can't think of a single thing related to doing their jobs that city employees can find here. Sure, it's interesting stuff, but it's not needed for work and it could very well decrease productivity immensely. Blogging is best done after work, not on the city's (taxpayers') time.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Art Ward.

chris wilson said...

Steve & Others:

I still don't know how you think that employees have the right to spend time during working hours posting, reading and using work time-on web sites such as this blog, news portals, social networking sites etc. It would be impossible for them to do their work if that were the case. It is just like personal phone calls or other personal activity. We as employers cannot allow employees to spend time on personal phone calls or other activity- productivity would diminish and it would take 2 or 3 people to perform 1 job. I view it as stealing from the employer. You are paid to perform at the workplace. If the employer wishes to allow the use of the computer during your lunch break that is another certainly within their perogative but a right? I just cannot see it as a right? Maybe I am old fashioned but they call it work because it is work-if work was fun or personal time we'd call it that but we call it work because you are being paid to perform a function or task! Maybe I am a neanderthal but I respectively disagree on this one Steve.

Anonymous said...

So it seems that Ward had nothing to do with the blog being blocked after all. Guess all those who attacked him and made those false allegations were wrong (again). Typical!

Anonymous said...

Can we allow the use of a city vehicle to go buy the newspaper so that they won't have to go on the blog?

Anonymous said...


Why do you say he had nothing to do with it?

He has flip flopped before, MANY times.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I can't believe how many people are participating in a discussion of the value of this blog. What a bunch of navel gazing! I'm glad the other reporters at the Press don't waste their time writing stupid blogs. Of course, I do read and rely on your excellent news coverage, which is different! :)

Anonymous said...


Gee, seeing as he wasn't even aware that it was blocked, it's pretty obvious he didn't have anything to do with it.

As far as flip flopping goes, you seem to be a pro at it ~ flip flopping the facts around so you can find something to whine about.

Anonymous said...


He SAID he wasn't aware, but isn't he the mayor?

What else is he not aware of.

Don't answer, the list would be too long.

Concerned Conservative said...

It's amazing the municipal employees have so much tax-payer funded free time to be on this blog. Shame on them.

How about relaxing during break (if they're actually even on break)and preparing to perform better on your jobs instead of chatting, opining, insulting people, and debating with people via this

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the comment that a "city employee" is a "citizen employee". Just because my tax payments contribute to the city funds,that no more makes them MY employees than employees of a business. When someone goes to your place of employment or business and makes a purchase, and a fraction of that purchase goes towords your pay check does that make you the CUSTOMERS employee ? Of course not.

Anonymous said...


Much to the chagrin of those few who claim that the mayor is on the blog 24/7, he obviously didn't try to access it, so he didn't know it was blocked. I guess he shouldn't hold his breath waiting for an apology from you for making all those false allegations though. It would seem that spreading falsehoods, making accusations and stupid assumptions is your job 24/7.

Anonymous said...

Steve, you know that Ward would not do anything to upset you. He needs your support and kind words.

Steve Collins said...

Chris --
"Work" is changing faster than most of us realize. Bristol lags well behind when it comes to building community online, which is obviously going to be a crucial part of any government that hopes to be effective in the coming years.
There's a reason that companies have people doing blogs, twittering, Facebooking and more. It's to help them make money.
Government can't stick its head in the sand and ignore all of this.

Anonymous said...


I have faith that if you received a blog that was critical to the city, time wise, you would promptly contact the mayor, or whoever.
You see all the blogs before they are posted, a phone call from you would be the most effective means of communication.

Otherwise, reqading them and posting, from home, should suffice.

Do we let the truck driver sit in his truck and read the Press, Courant, Times, Globe, Journal etc.?

more of the same said...

spreading falsehoods, making false assumptions and making false accusations and assumptions is the reason that the bar of credibility is so low on the site - otherwise these posters would have to grab onto some sense of credibility - which has been non-existent so far.

JW said...


"Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper."

You seem to be on a plug for Thomas Jefferson lately....Thats a good one too..

Anonymous said...

"There's a reason that companies have people doing blogs, twittering, Facebooking and more. It's to help them make money."

Yeah, right. If I ever catch my employees blogging at work, they'll be out the door in a second. I can't think of a business other than news media that could benefit by that kind of activity.