June 4, 2009

What's a property tax freeze mean?

Keeping the mill rate at 25.99 for the second straight year means taxpayers will again pay $25.99 on every $1,000 of assessed value.
The assessed value is 70 percent of a property’s market value as determined by the revaluation from Oct. 1, 2007.
That means, for example, that if a house is assessed for $150,000, the tax bill would amount to $3,898. For a house assessed for $200,000, the tax bill would be $5,198.
Since last year’s mill rate followed revaluation, it’s difficult to compare across the years.
In 2007, the mill rate was 34.71 -- but that was equivalent to 24.95 post-revaluation. So last year’s rate property tax hike equaled a 4 percent increase.
This year’s freeze, of course, merely locks in place last year’s tally, leading to property tax bills that should equal those of last year, at least on real estate.
Since vehicle values change, the tax bills for older models should go down.

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Anonymous said...

We need layoffs and cuts now. the school board alone will screw us.But they will say its for the kids cut there pays.

Anonymous said...

"We need layoffs and cuts now. the school board alone will screw us.But they will say its for the kids cut there pays."

June 4, 2009 4:26 PM
Since you see no value in teachers... Let's just correct your posting to reflect someone that actually had an education...

We need layoffs and cuts now. The school board alone will screw us. But they will say it's for the kids and I still say cut their pay.

Teacher rule:)

Anonymous said...

A property tax freeze means:
-- deteriorating infrastructure
--an dirtier city, maybe unsafer city
--increased maintenance costs
--a significant tax increase next year, and the people won't be any better able to afford it then, especially since it will be larger.

Reelection for Art Ward (that is his priority)

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard or read of any cuts that Ward has made, especially of the suggestions that have been brought forth.

Anonymous said...

4:26 you must have attended Bristol Schools based on your grammar,spelling and punctuation...prime example of exactly why I support funding for the BOE. Edumacation is inpoortentttt :)

Anonymous said...

A property tax freeze means:
-- Homeowners who are struggling to make ends meet will not have to worry about increased taxes.
-- People who have lost their jobs or had their hours cut can breath a little easier.
-- Possiblity of a tax increase next year, hopefully when the economy is looking better and people are more able to afford it.

Re-election for Art Ward (that should be OUR #1 priority)!

Anonymous said...


There WILL be a HUGE tax increase next year, and probably for years to come.

And it will not be any easier to swallow for most people.

A $100 increase (tax deductible) would not break any body, but they will not be any better prepared to handle a double or triple increase next year.

This will also deter and discourage growth and development , and certainly not enhance the expansion of our tax base.

Pay me now or pay me later (with interest)!

Anonymous said...

Tax payers are still getting screwed. Has anyone checked the market value of your house lately? You're getting taxed based on last years assesment, not what your house is worth today.

Steve Collins said...

6:54 -- Since everybody's property is taxed as if it were still Oct. 1, 2007, it's not really true that the assessments mean you pay more. It's all a matter of what your assessment is in relation to others.
The city is raising a certain amount of money. If it used assessments based on today's values, there would simply be a higher mill rate.
It's not like the city would leave mill rate alone if values shrunk, because that would leave it without the cash to function.
In short, you can't win.

Anonymous said...


Residential value goes down, tax on each unit goes down, but tax on vehicles goes up and tax on commercial/business goes up.

Solution: revalue each year at huge cost and drive businesses away OR run city in better fashion!

Anonymous said...

dear 4:50

-infrastructure in bristol is already bad!

-dirtier city .. well pick up after yourself

-increased maintain coast of what.. the truck that are barely used over the last 5 yeaars..

-layoff the dead heads in the DPW,water dept., city hall, and the school system. Leave the most important services. Fire,police, road maintenance.

This is what should happen in tough times like this ..

Anonymous said...

TROUBLE in the future!