June 4, 2009

Tattered or torn flag? Dispose of it with respect

Note from state Rep. Bill Hamzy, a Plymouth Republican whose 78th District includes part of Bristol:

If you own an American Flag that is tattered and torn and no longer serviceable and want to make sure it is disposed of in a respectful and honorable manner, you may want to consider dropping it off at American Legion Seicheprey Post # 2, 22 Hooker Court, in Bristol, on June 20th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
State Representative Frank N. Nicastro Sr., Post Commander Jay Meisinger, Mayor Art Ward and I will be hosting a Flag Collection Day at the Post that Saturday. The flags will be disposed of properly in a lawful, dignified, respectful ceremony at the Post later in the day.
We scheduled the event for Saturday, June 20th because it falls between Flag Day, June 14th and the 4th of July, when people think about displaying the flag.
For those who have a flag that is no longer usable, the U.S. Flag Code specifies that they must be properly retired. It’s my hope that Bristol and Plymouth residents will take advantage of this opportunity to properly retire their old flags.
Seicheprey Post # 2 has been collecting and properly disposing of flags for many years. One year the Post collected more than 5000 of them.
If you are unable to bring your old flags to the Post on June 20th, you can bring them down any other day of the year. The Post schedules ceremonial burnings as needed throughout the year. The Post considers it both an honor and a privilege to perform the service.
Bill Hamzy
Your State Representative

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Anonymous said...

Guess that is what is keeping our legislators so busy that they cannot enact a budget.

Our Legion has done the job for years WTHOUT their help, why are they getting involved now?

Anonymous said...

another nice cheap photo op for these guys

Embarrassed for you said...

...more like another nice cheap shot for you to take at these guys...

baby poop said...

so where are you going to be when this is going on 1:28, sitting in a corner sucking on your snoopy pacifier while snuggling into your mickey mouse security blanket? Wimp.

Anonymous said...

Hamzty wasn't the Memorial Day activities, was he?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic that the preferred way to destroy a tattered flag is to burn it - but it's illegal for a protester to burn a flag? In other words, the government can put someone in jail for what he is thinking, not what he is doing. "Meine Gedanken sind frei" - but not in Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

Another Photo Op for Artie

Anonymous said...

A currrent one will be better than the AWARD picture they recently ran