June 15, 2009

DMV made a mistake

This just in, from the Department of Motor Vehicles:

A DMV employee on Saturday - when the administrative offices were closed - mistakenly advised Mr. Collins that a reporter could not walk around the public area of the building to speak to customers. I routinely receive calls from reporters and they are allowed to enter the public areas and speak to customers. There is no policy prohibiting that opportunity. While a reporter cannot walk into the secure areas where license tests are done or behind counters where employees process transactions, they can enter the public areas or hang out in the parking lot to take still pictures or video, or speak to customers. We are reminding our staff today about it. We apologize for that mistaken information.

Bill Seymour
Director of Communicaton
Department of Motor Vehicles

And that is that. I knew the 'policy' made no sense. I'm glad to see that it's not even the policy.

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Anonymous said...


As a consequence of his/her behavior, the DMV employee's name should be made public. Did you get the person's name? If so, you should consider publishing it on this blog.

Steve Collins said...

I don't have his name. I'm quite sure he thought he was following policy. If he'd acted like a jerk, instead of being polite, I would have made sure to get his name. But I didn't.

Anonymous said...

Wow. They're going to let you wander around the public areas of the DMV, Steve! Try to contain your excitement. I'm just all full of goosebumps on your behalf.

Anonymous said...

ano 347 why don't we flog him in public while were at it.

Anonymous said...

Shame is good, June 15 @ 7:19PM!

There should be more PUBLIC shaming!

Odin said...

And the shame should extend to all the morons on this blog who criticized Steve for questioning a "policy" that turns out was not a policy at all.