June 15, 2009

Bristol getting hammered?

With both the courthouse and the Bristol Technical Education Center slated for closure under Gov. Jodi Rell’s proposed budget, the governor is “really taking a sledgehammer to Bristol,” according to state House Speaker Chris Donovan.

The Meriden Democrat said that Rell’s call to shutter the last two significant state institutions in Bristol – while also slashing the family resource centers from Bristol – shows her lack of concern for the Mum City.

“They’re closing the whole town down,” Donovan said.

One of Gov. Jodi Rell's four spokesmen, Chris Cooper, said that the proposed spending cuts are spread across the state.

"There's no singling out of anybody," Cooper said. "The governor is trying to spread the pain as evenly as possible.”

State Sen. Tom Colapietro, a Bristol Democrat who represents the 31st District, said that he’s not sure “if it’s just Bristol, but I know we’re getting hammered.”

“Bristol’s being targeted way too much,” the senator said. “How much more can Bristol lose? Why don’t they just make a ghost town out of us?”

Mayor Art Ward said he understands the need to share the pain “but it just seems that Bristol is being earmarked for more of the share than communities of equitable size.”

“I’m definitely not happy with the proposals that have been presented to us so far,” Ward said.

Ward said he’s not sure why Rell appears to be targeting Bristol “but I’m hoping our local delegation can step forward and present sufficient arguments to the governor whereby she can comprehend the effect on the community if these cuts are exercised.”

State Rep. Bill Hamzy, a Plymouth Republican whose 78th District includes northwestern Bristol, said that he agrees on the need to preserve the technical school.

“It’s a good program,” Hamzy said. “It achieves the objective that we set out for it. That’s not just because it’s in Bristol.”

“That’s up to us to make that point” to the governor, Hamzy said.

Colapietro, an ardent technical school backer, said that losing the courthouse would hurt downtown, drying up business for restaurants and other enterprises that are trying to hang on in the city center.

Hamzy said that people need to keep the larger financial problem in context, blasting the Democratic leaders of the legislature for choosing to rile up residents with a series of press conferences rather than presenting a spending plan that would address the $8 billion shortfall facing the state.

“Beating up on Gov. Rell’s proposals is easy,” Hamzy said, but offering an alternative is tough.

Hamzy said the recently completed session marks the first time that the General Assembly hasn’t endorsed a budget, a move he said that leaves him “totally amazed.”

Colapietro said that people don’t realize how hard it is for the legislature to make cuts because everyone has different ideas about what’s worth saving.

“People yell cut, cut, cut,” he said, but they don’t realize the consequences.

“Be careful what you wish for,” Colapietro said. “You might get it.”

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Frank should stop telling everyone what a great mayor he was and start doing something as a St. Rep.

AnonymousWestconnStudent said...

It seems Bristol has already gotten it.

And I wonder how many people on this blog will beat up on Hamzy the same way they beat up on Wright for looking at the "big picture"

Or is it ok for Republicans to not "represent their constituents?"

If the governor would take the situation seriously enough to tax the people who can afford it instead of everyone else who can't we might have a budget by now.

Oh well...

Anonymous said...

Jodi has a long memory and it appears she is remembering to settle old issues before she leaves office.

Anonymous said...

It's payback time for all the grandstanding that Ward has been doing in Hartford over the last year.

Anonymous said...

She sees what bristols future is get out of town quick. To bad our leaders cant see whats happening. This is why we need educated people in office and we have not one.

Anonymous said...

Tommy boi...whay will make Bristol and Terryville ghost towns are the greedy unionite hack leaders who's pockets you are in!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Rell liked Ward she wouldn't hit Bristol so hard? Ward needs to be nice to Rell rather then having an issue with her because she is a woman in a higher position then him.

Anonymous said...

So where do Colapietro and his cronies suggest cutting the budget? It is easy to say "not here" but harder to say where. How about showing some effort? People with money are moving out. We can't be taxed any more than we are already. Spending must be cut.

F as in Flunk said...

seems as though 11:44 is another example of the fact that not even a viable educational system can benefit an idiot.

Anonymous said...

What has Art Mocababy done for Bristol except complain about Colapietro? Answer nothing !

election results said...

mocababy has accomplished more than most - he has lost the most bristol elections in modern history - who said that bristol voters didn't know how to vote? seems smart to me.

Anonymous said...

Bristol IS getting hammered: by its own mayor, Mr. Ward!

Anonymous said...

In addition to Mocabee, how about the people around him, Schaffrick, Barnes, Johnson and a few others.

They have destroyed the Republican Party in Bristol.

good day said...

steve, have you taken the day off, no postings?

Anonymous said...

To Art the big mouth that pretends he knows everything . You really haven't done a thing but moan. Getting too old? Have you done anything but screw people out of money ? And being you are talking so much about Union cronies , what are you trying to make your own? You are Bristols joke and it's useless people like you that will cause the destruction of Bristol.

compassion said...

8:30pm needs to be more polite and less mean-spirited to mr. wannabee.

Anonymous said...

To 8:30 why can't he take it ?