June 24, 2009

Malloy backs ESPN, tech school, jobs

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Dan Malloy told party leaders recently that things have to change in Hartford.

“The mere fact that they almost chased ESPN out of town is amazing,” Malloy said.

The tax changes that ESPN opposed have been stripped from revenue plans developed by the Democratic-controlled legislature after critics howled, but Republican Gov. Jodi Rell never backed the tax hikes that lawmakers initially sought.

But Rell came in for plenty of criticism from the Stamford mayor who’s one of at least three Democrats angling to grab the governor’s office for his party for the first time in more than two decades.

Malloy said that Rell’s plans to shutter technical schools in Bristol and Stamford are short-sighted and expressed support for Bristol’s courthouse to remain open despite the governor’s proposal to close it, too.

“She’s clearly after you,” Malloy said.

Rell’s spokesmen have repeatedly said that no town has been targeted. They said that Rell is trying to spread the pain of closing an $8 billion budget gap as fairly as possible across the entire state.

They said that Rell doesn’t want to hike taxes so there’s no alternative except to close some courthouses, schools and other services in order to fund more crucial needs.

Malloy said that Connecticut has created jobs at a slower rate than any other state in the country since 1991, an indication that GOP control of the state’s top office is falling well short of what’s needed.

Focusing on the need to create more jobs, he said, is “how the Democrats are going to win” the 2010 governor’s race.

At least two other top Democrats -- Secretary of the State Susan Bysiezwicz and former House Speaker James Amman -- are also in the running for their party’s gubernatorial backing.

Malloy said that he would like to avoid a potentially costly primary fight this time -- he lost one narrowly in 2006 to New Haven’s John DeStefano -- and vowed to live with the party’s choice for its nominee if other contenders would do the same.

Malloy, who’s stepping down as Stamford’s mayor in November after 14 years at the helm, said he’s got a better chance this time around because “nobody knew me” in 2006. He said he’s ready this time to win.

Rell, whose standing in the polls remains high, hasn’t said whether she’ll seek reelection. No other Republicans have indicated a desire to take her place.

Jim Hopkins, a Democratic activist in Bristol, said that Malloy’s wrong about bowing to ESPN.

“If they’re not going to pay their fair share, who’s going to pay?” Hopkins said.

Malloy said the state needs a more progressive income tax so that the wealthy pay more.

But, he said, the state also has to “fight for every job” and can’t afford to risk losing businesses like ESPN to cheaper locales.

“It’s easy for them to leave,” Malloy said.

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Anonymous said...

Rell will get her pound of flesh. Somebody must have really upset her for her to be as emotional as she is on the subject. Was she betrayed by someone from Bristol?

Anonymous said...

Mayor Malloy...go back to Stamford as you are so far out of touch with what is reality in CT's fiscal management. You have just proven to me that you will never be capable of governing our State. Your own party can not find a way to close the budget gap without resorting to raising taxes. You and your party are an embarassment.

Anonymous said...

Even superintendent Striefer said to close Bristol Tech. That says a lot.

Anonymous said...

The Mayor of Stamford supports ESPN, but Chrissy Wright Doesn't

Anonymous said...

What would you naysayers do without this blog to complain on? Get a life this is getting old! Like you gremlins!

Anonymous said...

Be polite, please. I will delete posts that are too mean-spirited.

Really ? Ha !

Anonymous said...

Well the party that Malloy runs with just screwed the CT taxpayers by passing a half empty budget with over $3 billion in new taxes on individuals and businesses. The democrat has sucked the life out of our state it is not done yet. The democrta in the CT Legislature is a drone: no brain just programed to tax. Malloy is the Drone of the drones.

Anonymous said...


You are quite perceptive.

Polticians have political friends/allies and personal friends also. Bristol did a job on one of them, and this probably contributes to her attitude of Bristol and its "leadership".

Odin said...

The Mayor of Stamford doesn't have to balance the State's budget - Rep. Wright does. That's the difference between pandering and governing.

And to the space cadet who thinks we can balance the budget WITHOUT raising taxes - your orbit is decaying; prepare for re-entry.

Anonymous said...

"Malloy said that Connecticut has created jobs at a slower rate than any other state in the country since 1991, an indication that GOP control of the state’s top office is falling well short of what’s needed."

No it is an indication that the Democrats in the House and Senate need to go!

reality check said...

Hey ms. Rell ..... Tell those idiots to cut taxes not increase them . Stand by your guns . The State desperately needs someone with a backbone to save us from these tax-mongers .

truth be told said...

truth of the matter is that neither the house, senate or governor have anything to be proud of accomplishing in this session; it was a farce.

Anonymous said...

Chris Wright should be the one representing Bristol. But instead he keeps stepping in it (not backing ESPN - the city's largest tax payer). It's sad that Chris is more concerned with pleasing those at the State Level instead of those who put him in office in the first place. Chris the voters will remember so start doing the job you were elected to do.