June 13, 2009

Democrats may pass own budget

State lawmakers said Saturday they hope to reach an agreement on a new state budget soon.
But if they can’t cut a deal with Gov. Jodi Rell, House Speaker Chris Donovan of Meriden said the Democrats will pass their own spending plan before month’s end.
Donovan said that Rell dropped the latest round of proposed cuts on the legislature two weeks ago and hasn’t been willing to talk about possible tax increases.
“They’re proposing the biggest tax increase in Connecticut history,” said Adam Liegeot, a spokesman for Gov. Rell.
Liegeot said Rell can’t go along with Democratic plans to hike income, sales, corporate and other taxes while abolishing the property tax credit.
Donovan said he hopes discussions about the particulars can pick up seriously this week.
But if they don’t, Donovan said, “we can do our own budget by the end of the month.”

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Anonymous said...

They won't override Jodi's veto though. Plan for September before a budget comes through that all will agree to.