June 2, 2009

Vandal ID'd by skatepark denizens

Last week, during an evening park program registration drive at Rockwell Park, a teenager clambered up on some construction equipment, took a rock and smashed the window.
As the glass fell, nearby park officials raced to respond.
"We took off after him," Park Director Ed Swicklas said Tuesday.
But the young man outran them and escaped.
What the vandal didn't count on, though, was the willingness of other youngsters at the skatepark to point the finger at him.
Swicklas said that with the help of skateboarders, officials were able to identify the culprit, who is probably a minor, and tell the police about him.
The police are investigating. Arrests of minors aren't reported so it's not clear if they've tracked hm down yet.
The park director said the willingness to help track down the vandal is merely one a series of actions by users of the skatepark that have helped the city recently.
After park officials complained about the mess at the $500,000 skatepark this spring, users have done much better at sprucing it up.
"The area's been pretty nice. It's been pretty clean," Swicklas said.

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comic26 said...

What a breath of fresh air to read aout the teenagers that helped the Police nab the punk destroying property at the skate park, more people in town ought to be more responsible and help the police catch any illegal activities in town if you don't report it then you are part of the problem and unwilling to help your children have a better life (where have all the men gone?)

Anonymous said...

So the police are investigating. That's great. Wonder if it'll take them as long as it did to nab Robert Park? A civic-minded teen fingered him right away, but it took the coppers almost three months to arrest him.

Pat said...

8:57 AM~I Agree With You Wholeheartedly!!!!


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