June 3, 2009

Elderly housing complex planned for Lake Avenue

A developer plans to construct a 49-unit “garden style” elderly housing complex on Lake Avenue.

The 5.2-acre site would include 11 buildings -- six of them containing four side-by-side dwellings and five others with five units apiece, according to plans submitted to the city’s land use office.

“The need is there. It’s going to be affordable and it’s going to be beautiful,” said Samuel Vasile, one of the three principals in Apple Grove Hollow, LLC, the developer.

The units will all be rentals, Vasile said.

Vasile said that construction could begin by mid-summer.

City Planner Alan Weiner said he doesn’t anticipate any problems with the zoning approvals necessary given that “the area has been mixed in terms of multi-family development” for many years.

The 651 Lake Ave. lot for the development is mostly level on the east side of the road and backs up onto 229 Technology Park and to the site where the city runs its recycling center. It faces South Mountain.

The Zoning Commission will consider the request at its 7 p.m., Wednesday, June 10 meeting, which includes the opportunity for the public to have its say.

Weiner said he’s not sure what the elderly housing designation the developers are using actually means. It could be anything from an active 55 and older community to a more tranquil setting for older residents.

Vasile said it’s simply designated for those who are 55 and older.

The units will have the main living space on the first floor, but also contain full basements and a second floor that has a spare bedroom or office as well as another bathroom. Washer and dryer hookups would be on the main floor, Vasile said.

If the zoning panel approves the project, the developer wouldn’t necessarily get to work quickly.

Weiner said that the approval carries “a 5-year shelf life” and can be extended by the commission.

But Vasile, who is developing the family-owned property with two sisters, said they don’t plan to wait. They want to get it underway soon, he said.

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Anonymous said...

bad timing....good luck!!!! Also bad location, right next to the dump!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is great! They will be able to open the window and get a nice fresh smell of the treatment plant and dump.

Anonymous said...

Great concept! Innovative idea - Enhances established surrounding homes and condos worth. It shows that Bristol residents are looking out for their aging population.

Anonymous said...

Great Idea! At last, affordable, spacious senior living that doesn't feel like we are living in a dormitory! Good luck to you, that is a nice area!

Anonymous said...

We as seniors need more choices that are in good neighborhoods and not on such busy roads that you take your life in your hands every time you pull out of your driveway!! I like the cellar idea{no more storage rental fees!!!!!!!}when will it be ready????

Anonymous said...

The Mall site would be more appropriate for this kinda project. It would also help get the downtown commerce started again.

Anonymous said...

Who is anonymous #2 kidding??? We live in the condos just down from this location and you can not ask for a more serene and pleasant area.We love it here!!!

again said...

will sammy "pork" these people too?

Anonymous said...

You can only expect quality from these people, I cant wait to see it.....

Anonymous said...

It is nice to know that when I sell my house that I will have some good choices in senior housing.To be honest, I want to live in a safe neighborhood and not be in a "shoebox', if you know what I mean.