June 2, 2009

Concessions or not?

The union representing the workers inside City Hall has voted to give back its raise during the next fiscal year.
But the union for the city's so-called "outside" workers refused to make concessions. The police union declined to accept a cut. And the firefighters are in arbitration on their contract already so the issue never even came up.
The Bristol Professionals and Supervisors Association are expected to vote today to accept a wage freeze for the coming year.
It appears, then, that any layoffs would cut into police ranks a bit and into the rolls mostly of public works.
Mayor Art Ward said he still hopes to avoid layoffs, but recognizes they'll probably be necessary before the budget can be approved Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

The Police want layoffs. They are upset that they are not getting overtime because of the new 7 officers. They will be very happy to get the layoffs and start getting the overtime again.

Anonymous said...

Yes thats all they care about the dollars not the city. the mayor should start at the top and work down. Wait the chief wont go to the fund raisers. must keep him on . STEVE WHAT WERE THE CHARGES AGAINST THE CHIEF.Is it true he keeps getting away with things.

Anonymous said...

This didn;t have to happen: Ward blew it again.

We need another person in office as mayor!

C'mon R's, this is your big chance.

Anonymous said...

I still say that Construction companies shouldn't be required to hire cops to direct traffic, aka stand around talking. I swear some of these cops are learning a second trade because they hardly keep their eyes on the road and just watch what the workers are doing. Everyone says "who cares, the city doesn't pay for it...the construction company pays privately". HELLO- don't you think the construction company includes these expensive costs in their bids to do work for the city? We are paying wether you believe it or not. It's chaper and more ethical to have construction workers use their own flag men to direct traffic. Not to mention they'd do a much better job!!

Anonymous said...

As an accountant, I sure wish people knew what they were talking about. It's a proven fact that unless you are a specialist in a particular field it is cheaper to pay overtime to an employee than it is to hire another employee. You only pay overtime to an employee when you need the employee. His benefits are already being paid. When you extra employees to cut overtime you have to pay their salary, traing, uniforms, benefits, benefits for their families. Now where's the savings? Hiring the extra police officer just for the purpose of cutting overtime, I believe was a costly mistake that we the taxpayers are going to be paying for. I would have have preferred to pay the overtime only when I needed the employee.

Anonymous said...


In the coming years budget, the city plans to take in more $ on construction jobs than they pay out.

Unless they are cooking the books, the taxpayer is coming out ahead.

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