June 3, 2008

You can't hide, Mr. Millionaire Maker

Despite the sketchy information contained in the proposal submitted for Bristol's downtown revitalization plan, I was 100 percent on the money about Heritage Financial Group.
The company that is seeking the green light to redevelop Bristol is the very one whose president, Ron Legrand, is pitching ways to make fast money in real estate and get rich quick.
Here's how he describes on his own website how he made his money: "I built an easy system to turn real estate into cash now, cash monthly and cash later. I made it a real business anyone could do from home and make obscene amounts of money."
Maybe the City of Bristol, which owns a lot of real estate, should sign up for one of his classes. It could certainly use an obscene amount of money.

PS: Legrand uses that blinking green logo on his myspace page.

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Anonymous said...

Is there something wrong with making money?

Are you saying that this fellow's plan will be detrimental to the tax payers of Bristol?

If he buys the land, builds something (that someone actually sees as a viable investment) and sells it, should we be concerned?

What exactly is your problem with this guy? Trailer parks are much more common in Florida anyway and not all who live in them there have no teeth and drink cheap beer all day. Maybe he thinks Bristol is so full of trailer trash type people that his type will be welcome here anyway? Didn't you live in a trailer before you moved to West Hartford? Maybe if you listened to his tapes you would have been able to afford something better then what you have now?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

To the first poster: This guy is a snake charmer and you are the snake.
Collins is giving us valuable information, with a few humorous jabs on the side for those of us who aren't wearing blinders to enjoy.
Is there something wrong with laughing?????
What exactly is YOUR problem, you venom spewer!!???

Steve Collins said...

At this point, we don't have any proof Legrand's company is connected to the trailer park. Jaime Parker, the California real estate scout, said it's not. And there is no evidence beyond the name that it is. And there are other Heritage Financials in the world.

Anonymous said...

How does one incorporate "PYRAMID SCHEMER" into this?

Selling Amway products is a "pyramid" type business. In real estate, usually there is a broker and perhaps an agent (or two). Where's the "pyramid" in real estate?

How about the great public employee, tax payer funded, gold plated benefit and pension scheme that is forced legally on us through income and property taxes?

Anonymous said...

"This guy is a snake charmer and you are the snake"

Bad analogy. The snake is the 17 acre empty lot.

The suckers are the idiots who voted into office the people who bought the thing in the first place.

Maybe this guy is Moses and his "Red Sea" is this debacle the Democrats got us into?

Part away Mr. Millionaire Maker!

Anonymous said...

You didn't like that analogy?
How about this one?
This guy is the spa customer on Route 6 and you, taxpayer, are the employee giving the "massage."

Anonymous said...

Actually maybe this Legrande guy is the snake and Ward (and the Democrats) is/are the

With all this bad publicity associated with the whole Gato and mall deal, is this whole proposal just a phoney drama? Will Ward and his cronies emerge as heroes saving us from "the swindler" from Florida?

Is this phoney and ridiculous drama just something to distract us from the incompetence that is City Hall up to now on the mall parcel?

Anonymous said...

"Is this phoney and ridiculous drama just something to distract us from the incompetence that is City Hall up to now on the mall parcel?"

~ or maybe they're hiding the fact that a spaceship crashed at the center mall site? Hey, didn't someone see bigfoot living behind the DFO?

Anonymous said...

To 8:50 Why don't you and your "Naysayer" friends get back on that space ship? You are all allready lost in space.

Anonymous said...

So you think the project is running well, right on schedule?

It seems like a debacle to me. If someday they sell it to private owners and the 17 acres goes back onto the tax rolls, and the
$6+ million is recouped then I will admit is was a decent idea.
But man may land on Mars before and if that ever happens.

This whole proposal from "Heritage" is just a game to distract the "populace" (as Ward likes to call us) from the incompetence of City Hall in dealing with this project.

Anonymous said...

"This whole proposal from "Heritage" is just a game to distract the "populace" (as Ward likes to call us) from the incompetence of City Hall in dealing with this project."

~ Oh ya, I read that story in the National Enquirer, or was it Star Magazine?...same page as "Woman gives birth to bigfoot baby", right?

Anonymous said...

If this proposal comes to fruition, you'd be right. But it won't, so I am right.

Sure the proposal is real, but all this propaganda about it's viability isn't. They'll play along with this clown Legrand as long as it takes. As I stated, they'll try and make themselves look like knights in shining armor (as some already have) saving the taxpayers from fraudulent developers. But in the end nothing will come of it.

It's just a distraction and the process is just a way for City hall to make itself look good, after one of the biggest debacles in the history of Bristol (the purchase of the mall property from Gato) The city has no business being involved in this anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Ron Legrand