June 8, 2008

West End planning session Thursday

Note to people who have expressed interest in the West End study:

Hello West End Neighborhood Advisory Committee members!

We wanted to remind you about next Thursday's West End Neighborhood Study Advisory Committee meeting, which will be at 7pm on June 12th at the Imagine Nation Children's Museum. The agenda for this meeting is:

I. Welcome and introductions
II. May 3rd visioning workshop
 Review accomplishments
 Discuss participants’ feedback
III. Preliminary discussion: proposed vision statement for West End neighborhood
IV. Development of specific strategies for neighborhood revitalization
 Review & prioritize areas for Advisory Group input
V. Next steps/next meeting date(s)
VI. Announcements
 West End Clean Up Day
 Neighborhood Block Watch

We hope that you'll be able to attend, as there is a full and lively agenda planned. For those of you who are unable to attend, please know that you can continue to stay involved. We will post a summary of the meeting on the website and expect to have another Advisory Committee meeting in July.

As a second note, Ken Cockayne has been busy organizing a West End Center Cleanup Day on Sunday, June 29th from 9am to 12noon. This is a big step toward creating that neighborhood camaraderie and creating the momentum of positive change in the neighborhood.

As always, let me know if you have any questions about the meeting or the study. We are looking forward to seeing you next Thursday.

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Bob Merrick said...

This is great news! It looks like the West End Advisory Committee is off to very good start and has some excellent ideas for strengthening the West End.

Cockayne Addict said...

It certainly does! The city has tried renovating the west end in the past by throwing money at it (building silly benches that only bums ended up using). Let's hope this effort is more successful. It will take a prolonged effort and continuous attention.

Anonymous said...

Trying to mobilize the residents to take pride in their neighborhoods is more than a "feel good" thing.

There is nothing like putting your money where your mouth is. Sometimes getting involved, getting dirty and leading by example is the best thing one can do. Waiting for the government to throw more $ at a problem is not a good plan. The West End is taking pride in itself and making changes.

Kudos to Cockaine for leading the charge!