June 24, 2008

Bristol Press parent company may face bankruptcy

A San Francisco consultant rates the Journal Register Co. as the newspaper company which is most likely to default on its debts. He rates it as a 72 percent likelihood.
But the Tribune Co., which owns The Hartford Courant, is also among the shakiest newspaper empires, as Editor and Publisher's story on the consultant says.
Here's the link for Reflections of a Newsosaur blog that has all the info.
It's a bad time for newspapers, but it's especially awful for newspaper companies carrying heavy debt loads. Brasstacksdesign certainly has some good ideas about how to turn the tide.
I'm just hoping for the best here in Bristol, whatever that is.

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Anonymous said...

Steve, I hear that Bristol City Hall is a good place to work with generous union benefits and easy work. You might want to apply there when the time comes.