June 9, 2008

Get filthy, stinking rich

I finally found something that indicates Heritage Financial Group's prominent president, Ron Legrand, has dabbled in commercial real estate as well as buying and selling more than 1,600 homes.
In this website, Legrand promises to teach Tampa residents how to make some serious money in commercial property, perhaps an indication of how he views Bristol's downtown. Here's what he wrote:

Session V - How To Increase Your Net Worth Over $1,000,000 In One Year With Commercial Property

Think I’m kidding? One of my students I met 18 months ago had an eight-digit net worth increase last year alone because he and I teamed up on some commercial projects he brought me.
You’ll see how he did it without using a dime of his money or credit and how you can join me this year to get filthy, stinking rich yourself. We can grow together by leveraging your time and my expertise into some large projects in commercial property of all types in your market.
You don’t need experience or money. You will need a little training and commitment coupled with the right kind of research. It can be huge for you if you want to play.

Session VI - What To Do & What To Say To Close The Deal

Closing the deal in this business means knowing what to say and how to say it. The truly exciting thing about real estate investing is when you’re doing it right, you’re closing big-money deals right on the phone! You maximize your time when you never drive to a house unless you’ve got a deal. What you say will determine your income, and I want you to be comfortable with your ability to put other people at ease when you speak.

Update: Hey, you can take a Commercial Property Boot Camp class with Legrand in July about commercial real estate investing!
Here's one of the things Legrand promises to talk about: "We'll cover raw land for residential and commercial development, apartments, office buildings, strip centers, office warehouses, industrial buildings, mobile home parks, special use buildings and more."

Another update: Solving one early mystery about the developer, the Paradise Valley Mobile Home Community in Jacksonville, Fla. is owned by an Indiana company that has nothing to do with Heritage Financial Group, according to the assessor's records in Duval County, Fla. online here. During the 1990s, another Indiana company, Heritage Financial Group of Elkhart, sold the property, so that's where the duplicate name entered the picture. Here's the deed.

By the way, Connecticut would do well to be as transparent as the Sunshine State. It's unbelievable how much Florida has online. There's a real commitment to open government there, a refreshing change from what we see here in the Nutmeg State.

And still another update - On one of websites, Legrand says he "currently owns twenty commercial develop­ments in nine states ranging from retail, office, warehouse, residen­tial subdivisions and resorts, including Salmon Falls resort in Alaska. The developed value of his current projects will top two billion dollars, and much of the profits are shared with student part­ners.
The picture is of some happy fisherfolk at the Salmon Falls Resort in Alaska, where the pictures indicate it is beautiful and snowing most of the time.
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Anonymous said...

Bristol has sunk so low that we are now being targeted in con artist schemes. Nice job Artie, and you too Stortz.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like this guy is selling snake oil to the Mayor and his cronies.

Anonymous said...

Johnnie Lod thinks it's a good proposal apparently.

Anonymous said...

(12:10) Do I have this right? If you travel back in time, and somehow prevent Ward and Stortz from being born...all this messy stuff called life clears up, and Bristol is spared its current misery? Get on it! Why waste time posting, when you can be working on that time-space continuum thing?

Anonymous said...

Guess he saw how Ken Johnson conned the city and figured he would jump on the bandwagon too!

Anonymous said...

June 9, 2008 3:01 PM:

Well, the poster does have a point. Isn't it sad this is the only offer the city gets?

The whole scheme (buying the mall, the sports-theater complex, etc.) has been a debacle from the beginning.

This again is a prime example why no government should be in this type of real estate business (even if Kevin McCauley say's "like it or not we are...").

Anonymous said...

filthy rich! filthy rich! filthy rich!