June 8, 2008

Cockayne leading West End cleanup on June 29

A community cleanup has been slated for June 29 in the West End.
City Councilor Ken Cockayne said he got the idea from Forestville leaders who routinely spruce up their area of town.
“I’m trying to jump start the West End,” said Cockayne, a rookie Republican.
The effort already has wide support, he said, with help promised by a number of city departments, businesses and others.
Mayor Art Ward said that he plans to help out.
Ward, a Democrat, said that the effort will improve the West End and raise awareness of the need to keep it spruced up.
“It shows the commitment of this administration to a solution” to the community’s problems, the mayor said.
Cockayne said that a lot of business owners are answering his calls, including Bill Englert of Tru-Value Hardware, who is donating some supplies.
“There’s just been a huge response. People are excited,” Cockayne said.
Cockayne said public works crews are going to drop off empty barrels and pick up ones that are full of trash after the pickup.
The Police Board will consider soon whether to allow a temporary parking ban in the center of the West End so that 9 a.m. to noon community cleanup can have an easier time, Cockayne said. He said he hopes it will grant the request.
The city’s youth services department plans to bring some young people along to lend a hand, Cockayne said.
“Everyone I’ve approached has been more than willing to help,” Cockayne said.
Cockayne said that instead of just talking about solving the problem in the West End, he’s trying to do something.
“Actions speak louder than words,” he said.
“I’m just excited about doing it. It’s something that should have been done years ago. I’m taking the initiative in my district,” Cockayne said.
Those willing to help should meet at 9 a.m. on Sunday, June 29 in from of the South Side Meat Market. For more information, call Cockayne at (860) 584-5918.

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Anonymous said...

My God, Great Idea but I could do with a little less "I love myself" ego from Mr. Cockayne. It kind of makes you question what his real motivation is. He has lived in the West End long before he was a politician so one would assume he could have "helped out" before, but apparently he was not as motivated.

Anonymous said...

Typical Cockayne showmanship.

Anonymous said...

It does seem a bit self-congratulatory, but I think it's a great idea.

Cockayne Addict said...

The same can be said of many politicians (one in particular who posts on this blog a lot) who try and attach themselves to things that they really have had no part in.

This "clean up" was Cockayne's idea and he is spearheading it. Whether politics have motivated Cockayne to do this or not, it's a good idea. People should be interesed all over Bristol, because if Park Street in Bristol turns into "Park Street in Hartford", we'll all suffer. The general public needs to be concerned about the economic health of the area and that starts with trying to keep it clean. Let's show the people who don't care that citizens of Bristol care and we're not going to let that old corner be turned into a dump.

Anonymous said...

Cockayne is a jerk, what makes him so special? People have been trying to help out in the West End long before anyone ever heard of Ken Cockayne, too bad it took getting elected to office for this guy to even lift a finger.

Anonymous said...

His motive may be good but these comments are very egotistical. I think he loves reading his name in the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Would Cockayne be doing this if Collins didn't report on it?

I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

June 29 is a Sunday.

"City workers will help out".

Will this be on their own time, or will they be getting paid at a premium rate?

If they are getting paid, where is the Cockayne that wants to cut taxes?

Anonymous said...

The city spent big bucks years ago in restoring the West End. The merchants agreed to help keep it up.

Never happened, and it went downhill quick.

Those that live and work there have to do their share: why should we spend more tax dollars there than in my neighborhood or your neighborhood?

Lets attack the illness, not the symptom.

Anonymous said...

Why is this on a Sunday?

Ken, please change the date to a Saturday, if it's not too late.

I go to church with my family on Sunday morning, so there's a good chance I will not attend if this date is not changed


Anonymous said...

Will McCauley participate...how about the unions...or are they going to play politics and stay home?

Great community spirit should be welcomed and not turned to be a political statement like most of the previous bloggers have tried to do.

We will beat you at your own game.

Anonymous said...

I agree, great community spirit should be welcomed and not turned into a political advertisement by Mr. Cockayne.

Anonymous said...


Look at the Cockayne attacks. He must really be getting all you nervous! Someone who campaigned on doing something and is accually doing it! What's wrong with this guy. Doesn't he know anything? He only should be campaigning to get elected then sit back and do nothing.

Kind of like McCauley!! What has he done? Without Ellen he's lost. All he cares about is protecting the unions! Enjoy it McCauley, this will be your last term. We are all starting to see what your really about. Union Boy working for the best interests of the unions!

McCauley, give Ellen a call and see if you should go and help clean up your district!

Anonymous said...

9:54 poster,

Perhaps like the rest of us, Cockayne has been waiting for past administrations to do the job they where elected to do. However it never happened. They all had there own agenda's. Last two Councilpeople in Dist. 2 worried about the Fed. Hill area.

Like Cockayne or hate Cockayne, he's about action. He's out on the street working for ALL THE PEOPLE! I called him with a problem and in a matter of day's it was solved! Try calling McCauley, he doesnt get back to you, because he's too busy.

Steve Collins said...

"Would Cockayne be doing this if Collins didn't report on it?"

Obviously, I can't answer that question definitively, but I can say that I learned about the cleanup from the West End consultants' email that City Planner Alan Weiner forwarded to me. Cockayne didn't tell me about it. I called him.

Anonymous said...

"I'm going to jump start the West End"...if that isn't egotistical, I don't know what is. Cleaning up the West End is going to require a lot of team work. There is no I in TEAM Mr. Cockayne.

Cockayne Addict said...

Cockayne's a politician just like Arty, Frank and Bill are as well.

You have to give it to Cockayne this is a lot more "proactive" than McCauley warning the Dept. heads at a council meeting about having their truck tires stolen.

Cockayne's idea is a plus for the beleaguered west end. Sounds like "South Side Sammy" agrees! Don't let the bastards get you down guys.

Anonymous said...

"Proactive"? Give me a break. It's just a feel good, hey look at me, look what I can do, slap on a band-aid temporary solution to a serious problem...Two weeks after the "cleanup," it'll be right back to looking like a dump. The trash is just a symptom of the illness...one that needs much more than a simple band-aid.

Cockayne Addict said...

June 9, 2008 10:25 AM:

Bull s___! You're just a Cockayne hater. This is a nice idea.

What about the Legion (aka Ward political committee) X-Mas breakfast? Were you critical of that?

What is the disease you're referring to? Puerto-rican-itis? Can't cure it...sorry. As a matter of fact some of the women make excellent eye-candy. Try talking to your esteemed Dumb-o-crat legislator about repealing welfare-state legislation and maybe you'll find a cure.

PS "pro-active" is what McCauley thinks reporting NBC News fluff to the department heads is.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

McCauley won't help he will complain about his knee hurting then god forbid he will sue the city.

Anonymous said...

Damn it! There goes the rookie again, actually doing something.

Why doesn't he just listen to the veterans on the council?

Sit back and stay quiet. If you don't rock the boat too much we will all play nice with you and you might get re-elected!

All this "feel good" stuff and stealing people's ideas like the GASB 45 issue or the fire house on the hill is just too much! Don't you know your place, we really only TALK about these things, we don't act on them!

Kevin had it all set up for the rookies. Remember there is an 18 month learning curve for new counselors. Following that logic, you could have just sat still for a year and a half, playing dumb, then you could have TALKED a good game for two months, then you could have started campaigning for re-election. What an idiot! The standard you're creating is going to be too tough to live up to. Quick, shut up while you still can! Follow Kevin's lead and TALK more and do less.

Oh yeah, enough with tooting your own horn. Mayor Frank has a monopoly on this anyway. He plays his trumpet everywhere he goes, even when he doesn't bring it with him.

Anonymous said...

"Damn it! There goes the rookie again"

He may be a rookie, but he's learning fast...he's already much better than Nicastro at blowing his own horn!

Anonymous said...

June 9, 2008 2:01 PM:

You state it well.

Anonymous said...

I will take Kevin McCauley (highest vote getter last year unless I am wrong) any day of the week over Mr. Cockayne. I think his heart is in the right place but his bull in a china shop act is a turn-off. McCauley, and yes Ellen, spent a lot of time creating the code enforcement policy and now it has legs. They made reports at Council meetings but for a long time it was just them and even Councilman Lavigne before them, talking about what was needed. The school superindentnet is now talking about reducing the number of kids who need services and the hospital brass are wondering why they are losing a ton of money because of people using the ER as primary care. Wake up and realize that you can throw union smack at Mccauley or ego smack at Cockayne, both are doing what they think they should - or what they are capable of - but in the long-run its going to be the new policies that attack the cause of the problems, not just the symptoms. There are days i wish Ellen had touted all of her accomplishments a little bit more than she did and maybe we wouldn't be in the mess we are today. I didn't always agree with her but you always knew where she stood unlike where you stand with some other politicians mentoined on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Good idea, too much patting oneself on the back, bad date pick.

Anonymous said...

June 9, 2008 2:34 PM said:
" hospital brass are wondering why they are losing a ton of money because of people using the ER as primary care"

-This proves you're "drinking the cool-aide". You don't think the "brass" at the hospital doesn't know why people with no health insurance are costing them money? Then you're an idiot. What is Kevin "watch them truck tires" McCauley's solution? He has no clue. He does nothing and yes he is a pawn because of the aforementioned.

Anonymous said...

Does Mayor Ward have any clue as to what to do?

Yes, he will help Cockayne; Sunday double time etc etc.

That will keep him in solid with the union.

Anonymous said...

A couple of guys working double time from PW isn't going to kill us. The cops and the firemen get double time every week. Ask McCauley.

Anonymous said...

All the ADDITIONAL costs add up. In this case, it is to feed a politicians ego.
Overtime has been cut back the past few years, and should be reduced even more.

We have to start somewhere, and unless health and safety are jeopardized, overtime is a good place to start.

Anonymous said...

No one is working OT for this. We are dropping extra barrels off on our regular shift and picking them up on our regular shift after the weekend.

For Pete's sake, quit being so negative about the PW. This is a volunteer thing. If any of us work this, it is out of civic pride, which believe it or not, many of us do have!

Cockayne may be awfully proud of himself with this one, but at least he is taking some action, which is better than no action.

Anonymous said...

Will Kenny be able to get all the residents in the area to sign his COO petition at the same time?

Or will they be petitioning to have the city do even more?

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve .....

I guess this blog of yours is having some effect on Bristol.

I remember that blight nazi guy suggesting ( in here ) that the best way to handle blight was with community involvement instead of the pillage and burn tactics that are being employed by the Bristol government .

I guess someone in City Hall watches and learns from your Blog .

Well Done Steve and that blight nazi guy too . ;-)

Anonymous said...

Where is McCauley with all of this? This is his district too. Was he left out, or is he too embarassed to take part now b/c this wasn't his idea?

Come on Kev, we need everyone to step up! You can't always sit back and talk things to death. Lose the suspenders and tie and put on some jeans and work boots. I'm sure someone can bring an extra pair of gloves for you if your afraid to get dirty.

Better yet, call up Ellen, maybe she will tell you to participate, then they'll be no apprehension on your part. Just remember to always look at your bracelet (WWED = "What would Ellen do?" and let that be your guide). She would be annoyed with Ken's gesture and arrogantly downplay it, calling it a "FEEL GOOD" thing with no substance, then she would probably participate anyway so you should too.

BTW it was that arrogance that lead to her downfall! Too bad, she was the smartest man on the council.

Anonymous said...

Kev is doing the heavy lifting - writing policy and making substantive changes, like supporting the blight nazis, and voting things down, like the COO b/c we are too dumb to decide for ourselves, oh yeah and supporting the unions.

I'm Kevin McCauley and I'm for more regulation, higher taxes, stronger unions and big government.

Anonymous said...

Who has the better, more active Press Agent, Ward or Cockayne??

Anonymous said...

It is a tie!

It is a battle between "Press Release Ward" and "Sound Bite Cockayne"

But each is trying hard to be the winner.

Anonymous said...

"I'm Kevin McCauley and I'm for more regulation, higher taxes, stronger unions and big government."

June 11, 2008 10:45 PM

That is great!