June 16, 2008

Police looking for help to find vandals

Police Chief John Divenere had this to say today:

Per the direction of Mayor Ward, the Police Department has been given authorization to expend all resources and efforts to bring those responsible for this horrendous and criminal act to justice. With many of our officers also being veterans the entire Department has been shocked by this senseless criminal act. We encourage anyone with information to contact the Department at 584-3000 or thru the confidential TIP line at 585-8477. We need the assistance of the community to resolve this incident which has disturbed the conscious of not just our veterans but of the entire community as well.

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone feel that the time has come to actually establish and fund either a separate park department enforcement unit within the police department (much like what was done with zoning enforcement,) or a sepatate parks police department? Its pretty obvious to me that vandals have all night long to wait for the cops to go bye to commit their acts. I think it may be time for a specialized unit or a realocation of manpower this summer to fight this desecration.

Anonymous said...

three weeks ago as I was walking down the boulevard I was approached by a car with two men in cow boys hats. I yelled- police and they took off. It's pretty sad that you cant even enjoy your city. We need to go back to police patrol on bikes or walk the beat. Please keep are city safe

Anonymous said...

People complain about the police, yet they caught the last vandals and there has been no further vandalism on the Boulevard since, til now.
The police must be doing something right.

The last mayor started to beef up the police department: is that still under way? Or has Ward cut that too?

Anonymous said...

Ward cut that too - so his son can get better raises.

Anonymous said...

9:09 - ward has no say in that - the Finance Board does, stupid.

Anonymous said...

6-18 4:00PM

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the council (salary committee, which the mayor selects) has an awful lot to say.
BOF only gets involved at budget time or if the budget is"changed" duringt he year.

Council hires, that position MUST be funded for at least the balance of the fiscal year.