June 2, 2008

Wright calls for ouster of a state lawyer

This just in from 77th District Democratic candidate Christopher Wright:

State Representative candidate Christopher Wright (D 77th) has called on Governor Rell to take action against Maureen Duggan, the former Ethics Commission attorney who wrote a fraudulent “anonymous” letter criticizing her then-boss which led to his dismissal.
“Here is a case where we have no question of guilt since Ms. Duggan has admitted under oath to her actions. So far, the only response from the Governor is that her office will look into it. The people of Connecticut deserve public servants that are held to the highest ethical standards. Allowing an attorney to fabricate evidence, lie about it and still keep her job is simply not acceptable.”
Wright said that the tepid response from the Governor’s office was extremely disappointing. He also indicated that as a member of the Legislature, he would investigate whether Ms. Duggan could be sanctioned under the proposed state law which would strip state employees who act in an illegal or unethical manner of any post-employment benefits.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't that prposal die because the Democrats did not want to subject state employees to losing their retirement benefits. Chris, what are you going to do about our high energy costs, taxes, and slow job growth? Really could careless about this issue right now!

Anonymous said...

I want to know how all of our current legislators and Senators and candidates feel about the govenor vetoing the minimum wage increase.

Anonymous said...

Did daddy's people write this memo for Chris? Does he even understand what it refers to?

former GOP 3rd District Council candidate said...

Is this blog just a bulletin board for political press releases? Why isn't there any more reporting into the details of this issue?

Do the House and/or Senate Democrats share Wright's viewpoint? What's Rell's opinion on the lady's employment status? What step in the process is this in? Has this issue been closed as far as other in government are concerned?

Steve Collins said...

This blog is just me. I can't possibly report on everything. So your choice is either:
1. Read what candidates have to say on issues I'm not going to explore; or
2. Don't read what they have to say.
I'm fine either way.
In the past, press releases I chose not to follow up simply vanished unread by anyone except me. This strikes me as a better way to do it. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

Judging by these and past comments of his, Chris Wright is just a hack for the Democrat Party.

Bristol deserves better than a partisan hack.

Anonymous said...

"I want to know how all of our current legislators and Senators and candidates feel about the govenor vetoing the minimum wage increase"

-Who cares? Gov. Rell did the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Steve, don't mind the critics. Nothing is perfect, but this blog is a great public service.

Anonymous said...

This guy's no JFK type or even a Bill Clinton or John Larson type Democrat. He's more like a Collin McEnroe, Bill Curry left-wing stooge.

Vote Jill Fitzgerald!

Anonymous said...

This guy should be working at NPR or perhaps in Peru fighting with "Shining Path".

Hey Chrissy: Neither business, the "fat cats" nor anything regarding free enterprise drove jobs from this state. It was left-wing liberal, pro-labor socialists that are the reason a guy with an economics degree (like you) works in hospital registration.

Anonymous said...


Don't mind my critiques. I like this blog and I like you too.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm... does indeed seem like Daddy's Boy is parroting for the party again!!!