June 5, 2008

New Britain Herald building sold

Read about the deal in the New Britain Herald, a sister paper to The Bristol Press. I don't think the same fate is in store for our paper's 99 Main St. office, but I'm about as far out of the loop for such things as a person can be.

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Anonymous said...

Could the Press be self-sufficient? Or perhaps a combination of the Press and a couple of other local papers?

I'd like to see the Waterbury Republican buy the Press. The Waterbury Republican is a great paper. Their editors have always been fiscal conservatives, looking out for the taxpayers and the rights of common citizens against government led tax payer extortion and bullying.

Anonymous said...

...albeit the Press does a good job many times too.

Anonymous said...

A weakening of the press further erosion of our civil liberties.

Anonymous said...

Might the Herald be moving to Bristol?