June 16, 2008

Ronnie, we hardly knew ye

I can only speak for myself, of course, but already I'm feeling a little glum that the Millionaire Maker, the Get-Rich-Quick Real Estate investment pro,the man who wanted to transform the failed mall site into a glorious renaissance center of waterfalls, pricey shops and period vendors, the Florida dreamer who saw a chance in Bristol to add to his growing empire of fishing resorts, oil wells and golf courses, has been given a big thumbs-down by the cold-hearted officials of the Bristol Downtown Development Corp., who not only failed to share his dream but, when they had a chance to leap aboard, opted not to dream, but perchance to sleep.
Ah, well, goodbye, Ron Legrand and your amazing vision for a transformative future. I trust that your many other ventures will prove more profitable than this little foray into the Mum City.

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Anonymous said...

Good-bye forever...we hope!

Anonymous said...

Millionaire Maker! Florida dreamer! Millionair Maker! Florida dreamer! Millionaire Maker! Florida dreamer!

Anonymous said...

He would have been fun. At least we still have Frank Johnson.