June 16, 2008

Colapietro says new law may help catch metal thieves

The vandalism of a Memorial Boulevard statue over the weekend was "disgusting," said state Sen. Tom Colapietro, a Bristol Democrat who represents the 31st District.
Colapietro said a new measure pushed at the request of a Bristol detective should make it easier to nab those involved in stealing metal.
He said that thieves have snatched drain pipes off a Cheshire church, plaques off of graves and more.
"They're stealing anything that weighs anything," Colapietro said, even beer kegs, which are worth about $50 after they've been chopped up for the metal.
To combat the problem, the law that Colapietro championed requires scrap dealers to take pictures of the license plates of anyone bringing in metal to sell and to record what they brought.
"That makes it a lot easier to catch" those swiping the material, the senator said.
It should also slow the number of thefts, he said.
"If you can't sell it, there's no sense stealing it," Colapietro said.

Here's a press release that Colapietro issued about the new measure back on May 7:

State Senator Thomas A. Colapietro (D-Bristol), co-chair of the General Law Committee, today urged Governor M. Jodi Rell to sign legislation he has championed for the last two years that expands measured designed to curb the theft of metals like copper and aluminum. The bill, previously approved unanimously in the state Senate, received a 147-to-0 vote in the state House of Representatives this afternoon.
"This is a bill that expands on the strong steps we took last year to reduce the number of thefts of copper and other metals," said Senator Colapietro. "This is a good, common sense bill. I urge the governor to sign this legislation and join the legislature in its work to stop metal theft."
Senator Colapietro added, "I'd also like to thank Senator Donald DeFronzo of New Britain for supporting the effort to expand this."
The legislation requires scrap metal processors to record certain information for all loads of scrap metal purchased or received, including a description, the weight, the price paid for the load and the identification of the person who delivered the load.
It requires scrap metal processors, junk dealers or junkyard owners to immediately notify their municipal law enforcement of the name, if known, and motor vehicle license plate, if available, of any person offering to sell a bronze statue, plaque, historical marker, cannon, cannon ball, bell, lamp, lighting fixture, lamp post, architectural artifact or similar item.
It also prohibits scrap metal processors, junk dealers or junkyard owners from purchasing or receiving a stainless steel or aluminum alloy beer or other beverage keg container if the container is marked with an owner-identifying word, symbol or trademark.
A first violation of the new law will be considered a class C misdemeanor; second violation will be a class B misdemeanor. Third and subsequent violations will be class A misdemeanors. Additionally, the measure gives a scrap metal purchaser the right to file a civil action against an individual who sells them material that is subsequently determined to be stolen.
The measure-included in an amendment to Senate Bill 298-now moves to the governor for consideration.

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former GOP Council candidate said...

Good idea, but how will it be monitored? I say it's impossible.

Why not just require the dealers to keep written records of whom they trade with?

What will keep thieves from going out of state? Does NY or Mass. have similar laws?

Anonymous said...

Why not just copy their license or drivers ID? The scrap yard in Wolcott makes photo copies of your license.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you cynics think of something like he did? Whining again ? Or just a anti Colapietro wimp ?

Anonymous said...

June 16, 2008 4:34 PM:
"Cynics", wow that's a big word for you, huh?

How about keeping detailed records about what type of scrap metal is brought in? For example if someone comes in with brass bar stock or a aluminum bleacher wouldn't it be nice if the scrap yard took some notes on that? Or in this case the leg from a bronze statue? Where do this people say they "acquired" these things anyway?

When I say how will it be monitored, I mean how would we know if the yard is actually doing this "picture taking" every time?

Why must a camera be involved? can't you just write down the license plate? How about a drivers license number? But maybe it would help?

I do give Senator Colapietro credit for doing something proactive about this serious problem in this region.

FRCC said...

June 16, 2008 4:29 PM:

I agree

Anonymous said...

nice press release. There's about 0% chance he wrote it himself.

Anonymous said...

Hey I was wondering where the "Cynics" were and I see they just didn't have Colapietro to pick at. What a sad bunch of "obstructionist" you sick people are.You can't win an election on your own ideas because you have to wait for someone that tries to do something.You have none of your own. Like we all think you clowns are useless Cynical followers. Never to change.

Anonymous said...

Hey 4:34 ever hear of security cameras and CD burners? Duh !!

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:28 I suppose you would rather read Cockayne's releases on cleaning up the West End . Rather than trying to fix the crimes being committed. In other words You would rather be what you are. A biased Cynical "hatemonger"

Anonymous said...

June 17, 2008 7:01 AM:

You're way out of line and way over the top. I hope you're not Colapietro, what an insult you are to the man's reputation. You're an over-zealous, nasty, chauvinistic hack.

Are not the ideas of the constituents interesting if not important? There's no tough criticism of Colapietro here. What's your problem? Perhaps you need to talk to someone about it?

Anonymous said...

7:01 I think your article speaks for itself, it is what you really are .....a cynic. And no I'm not Colapietro. You are nothing but a partisan political hack that has no clue how to get anything done. The only thing you know how to do (fairly well) is name call. Useless as usual!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh 7:01 and you said there is no criticism for Colapietro? I guess you better learn how to read! And you, pig is my problem!

Anonymous said...

June 17, 2008 10:08 AM and June 17, 2008 10:05 AM:

You're "7:01", you moron. You can't even decipher who's posting what in this comment page. YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Were you a floor sweeper at New Deaparture or a toilet cleaner? I won't waste any more energy communicating to scum like you.

Anonymous said...

"And you, pig is (sic)my problem"

Too bad for you jerk. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Being you talk like an adolescent might as well treat you like one. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah Sticks and stones .....I'm really glad I'm a problem for you babie !!!

Anonymous said...

Boy you really are stupid .... I'm not 7:01 you jerk you are

Anonymous said...

"Hey 10:28 I suppose you would rather read Cockayne's releases on cleaning up the West End . Rather than trying to fix the crimes being committed. In other words You would rather be what you are. A biased Cynical "hatemonger"

June 17, 2008 7:01 AM"

-YOU ARE 7:01!

-It's "baby" not "Babie" (sic).

--Please have a nice day and lighten up!

Anonymous said...

I'll lighten up if you grow up! Baby I stand correctede and you are at it again Mr. Perfect.