June 4, 2008

Treasurer's job will remain an elected one

A proposal to dump the elected city treasurer’s position is dead.
The Charter Revision Commission opted this week not to challenge the City Council’s recommendation to leave the part-time elected post the way it’s always been instead of replacing it with an appointed professional.
Tim Furey, the chairman of the charter panel, said he was disappointed in the council’s lack of support for ensuring that only a qualified person could hold the treasurer’s post.
But, he said, he didn’t want “to pollute” the showdown over the proposed chief operating officer slot by including a plan to change the treasurer’s job as well. Charter commissioners unanimously agreed with him to drop the idea.
The final report of the charter commission will include three recommendations: to make the registrars of voters serve four-year terms instead of two, to have the appointed assistant clerk hold office for four years rather than two, and to create a chief operating officer at City Hall.
Councilors have already indicated they will back the changes in the terms of office so voters are virtually certain to be asked to vote on the revisions in the November 4 general election.The fate of the chief operating officer concept is less clear. It appears likely the council will vote it down this month and that supporters will launch a petition drive to try to get it on the ballot anyhow.
But the proposal to switch at an appointed treasurer cannot be revived this year.
One of the backers of the change, city Councilor Craig Minor, said that the treasurer’s post is “a technical and financial” one, not a policymaking role. He said it should be appointed so that those who hold it would have to possess the qualifications to do the job.
Minor, a Democrat, said it disturbed him that had voters picked the GOP’s treasurer candidate last year, the city could have had someone with no training for dealing with the position’s responsibilities.
But Cliff Block, a rookie Democratic councilor, said it’s impossible to set educational standards for an elected position.
“Shame on the Democrats or shame on the Republicans,” Block said, if they put up a candidate who doesn’t have the background to do the job.
Furey said he would prefer to have elected councilors choose a treasurer rather than having it done “in the back room of party politics.”
Republican city Councilor Mike Rimcoski said, though, that if councilors got to make the choice “it’s really going to throw it into the back rooms.”
He said he trusts voters to pick someone qualified for the $4,600-a-year job.
“The people will see the qualifications,” Block said.

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Anonymous said...

Good, what a silly idea it was to change this.

Anonymous said...

That is how we end up with Patti Ewen who has no investment or accounting experience for 16 years. What qualifications did she have to be Treasurer? I actually think most voters have no idea what the treasurer does for the city.

Anonymous said...

THe elected Treasurer does nothing except sign things. It's the office staff that does everything.

Anonymous said...

This change should have gone through. Shame on Rimcoski

Anonymous said...

"THe elected Treasurer does nothing except sign things. It's the office staff that does everything."

Which is why the Treasurer should be required to have a financial background, which we can't do if it remains elected. Bill Viets is a CPA and he has been very active since getting elected. He immediately saw what needed to be done - he didn't sit around waiting for the staff to give him letters to sign.

Anonymous said...

" It's the office staff that does everything"

--Right and they make less than the "appointed" Treasurer would have been making. Which is good.

--Another one of Moron in Chief of the Bristol GOP, G. Schaffrick's idiotic ideas down the toilet...thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Bill Viets is just an accountant not a CPA. Big Difference

Anonymous said...

June 4, 2008 3:13 PM:

Right! He is NOT a Certified Public Accountant.

And it is a big difference!

Anonymous said...

Bill Veits is an "E A"

An Enrolled Agent (or EA) is a tax professional recognized by the United States federal government to represent taxpayers in dealings with the Internal Revenue Service. The profession has been regulated by Congress since 1884.

To become an enrolled agent an applicant must pass the Special Enrollment Examination or present evidence of qualifying experience as an Internal Revenue Service employee. A background check, including a review of the applicant’s tax compliance, is conducted.

The right to practice before the Internal Revenue Service is regulated by Federal statute, and persons authorized to practice are known as "Federally Authorized Tax Practitioners," or "FATPs". The FATP status is granted to attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, and to persons in a few other categories .

Anonymous said...

Minor, a Democrat, said it disturbed him that had voters picked the GOP’s treasurer candidate last year, the city could have had someone with no training for dealing with the position’s responsibilities.

I'm tired of Craig Minor acting as if he is smarter than the rest of the voting population and that he needs to save us from ourselves.

He needs to give us more credit than that.

Anonymous said...

The only qualification needed to win election to the position of City Treasurer is that he/she be a Democrat.

The whole department can and should be part of the Comptroller's office with a savings of almost $200,000.

Anonymous said...

With Klocko in charge????

Or did he make the suggestion?

Anonymous said...

Amen. Bring back Tom Ragaini and Al Myers - a couple of city councilmen who didn't think they were smarter than everyone else!

Anonymous said...

Klocko would like the additional power and reduced oversight.

Anonymous said...

Minor: you are a jerk. What credentials did Patti Ewen have?

Mark Anderson is a graduate of Tufts University, a Purple Heart recipient from the Viet Nam War, an accomplished journalist and a lady's man.

That's more than you Minor, you turkey!


yenta said...

Craig Minor: You're a hypocritical suck up. Where were your crtitiques of uber-liberal, questionably-competent Patti Ewen?

Your comments are disgraceful. I was starting to like you, but that just ended. You must be defeated.