June 2, 2008

Lake Avenue repaving starts next week

Public works press release:

The City of Bristol will be repaving Lake Avenue from Route 229 to Vincent P. Kelley Road. Work is scheduled to start on June 9, 2008:

The work will be done in a two phase project. The first phase will be milling/old pavement removal. In less than two weeks (weather dependant) after milling, we will move to the second phase, which is repaving.

Prior to each phase, we will post temporary No Parking signs on each street to ensure easy access.

All local residents will have access to their property during construction, and there will be no interruption of mail, rubbish or other services.

Please contact Ray Rogozinski, Assistant City Engineer at 584-6125 with any questions or concerns.

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Anonymous said...

How long will it be until they start digging up the road after they repave it?

Anonymous said...

I commend PWKS for letting the public know what is happening.

They have been doing this for about two years that I am aware of and I find it very informative.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that read " The City of Bristol has HIRED someone to repave Lake Avenue . "

I find it difficult to believe our public works "employees" have the incentive / skills to handle such an endeavor .

Anonymous said...

I see you're still hear whining 7:35 !