June 16, 2008

Mayor: Reward possible for tips on statue vandals?

Note today from Mayor Art Ward to Patrick Nelligan, who heads the Bristol Veterans Council:

Patrick, I know that we are all feeling the same disdain with regard to the cowardly act over the weekend involving the "Hiker" memorial. This act of total disrespect needs to be addressed as expeditiously as possible before the perpetrators envision their efforts as being of no consequence. Might it be possible for the Bristol Veterans Council, either as a body or in conjunction with the actual veteran's organizations, to come forward in offering a reward for information and/or conviction of those responsible for this horrendous crime?
Art Ward

Nelligan wrote back late Monday morning:

I just got back last night from DC and found out. I think that a reward is doable. I will have the Vice Chair contact everyone with an amount we can offer. Any clues as to why or who?

Lori DeFillippi, a parks commissioner and a veteran, weighed in with this:

A reward I'm sure will not be a problem raising - how about if we instill a harsh punishment for this/these individual(s) - say put a uniform on them and ship them to Iraq!! Maybe then they will learn what respect stands for!!

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Anonymous said...

Artie got a new thesaurus for father's day.

Anonymous said...

Pat: I believe it was Al-Qaeda. Contact your people in DC and notify homeland security. It's time to get your cammies on (once again this month), blacken your face, lock, load and get on patrol. We need a few good or one in your case good men/man to complete this mission successfully. And as Corporal Ward always does, bring your thesaurus.

Anonymous said...

When the Boulevard was vandalized in the recent past, I offered a reward to be paid by the city, but became aware that due to FOI the informants name could become public.

I then contacted our legislators asking them to look into a possible law change that would make a reward system doable.

Maybe they will now pursue that as possible assistance in resolving such crimes as we, and other towns, are experiencing.

By the way, in the earlier situation, an informant did come forward which enabled us to catch the culprit.

William T. Stortz

Anonymous said...

~ Uh oh, there goes Mr. Mayor using those big words again! Here's an idea fellas ~ maybe instead of complaining about the mayor using a thesaurus, you guys should use a dictionary (it's a big book with the meaning of all the words in it). Judging by 1:21's silly rants about Al-Qaeda and homeland security (a sorry attempt at humor?), maybe some more education is in order as well.

Anonymous said...

Did they get a reward?

Anonymous said...

? - 2:21pm - great observation about the need for more education for these whimpettes but to be able to do anything constructive with a dictionary, the user would have to be able to read, doesn't seem like something within the reach of some of these human race drop-outs.

Anonymous said...

Ok Lori, you are officially crazy. Thank you for confirming what many of us suspected.

Anonymous said...

I understand Lori's anger but I wouldn't want these individuals responsible for the vandalism representing our country.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the reward was given.

Anonymous said...

Lori makes sense - because these losers would be shot first time out on patrol - saving the taxpayers the cost of a hearing.

Anonymous said...

Lori, do you think you are above the law.
As a former serviceperson, you must be aware that we no longer draft individuals.
So, a judge would have to give the culprit the option.

But, it isn't done at the local official level.

Hope you teach the kids better than that.

Anonymous said...

Poster at 8:49pm - judge can make it an opition - jail or service time - not that hard. Get your head out of you butt for once to see the light. I happen to agree with her and all the others who feel the same way. Besides, you don't have to agree with her. I know for sure she is well aware its a volunteer serivce after all she volunteered to serve her country unlike you, who sits and degrades people for honest forthright opinions.


Anonymous said...

What makes you think I did not serve, and pay? I paid a dear price in defense of our nations war efforts.

Yes, she is entitled to her opinion and to rant, but that doesn't make her right.

As was suggested, she should work at doable solutions, not sensationalism.

For example, would her service suggestion work if the person is underage, or has restrictions?

First we have to catch the culprit.

Anonymous said...

No one ever said she was right - it was her opinion, and it was asked of her. So once again you show your ignorant side.