June 9, 2008

Bristol schools to close early again on Tuesday

It won’t shock anyone to learn that it got mighty hot Monday.
School Superintendent Philip Streifer said that some of the elementary schools had temperatures above 90 degrees in the morning.
That’s why Bristol, along with Plymouth and many other districts across Connecticut, opted to send students home early rather than risk further exposure to high heat.
Streifer said that given the forecasts for Tuesday, “We’re going to do the same thing again tomorrow.”
Streifer said that officials have already made the decision to shut down early again on Tuesday to help parents make arrangements.
The heat wave is expected to break Tuesday night.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dr. Streifer, for making the decision about Tuesday today. It really does help some of us!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Streifer is a wonderful man.
He certainly has the credentials for the job, but equally important, he is committed to Bristol.
He moved to Bristol early on, he attends local events, he is interested in seing Bristol move in the right direction.
I hope people realize this and support in in the coming years.

Anonymous said...

We're raising a bunch of wimps. Now they can't go to school when it's hot. GIVE ME A BREAK!