June 20, 2008

New parking lot at Pine Lake?

The city is looking at the possibility of constructing a small parking lot for people to use when they visit Pine Lake.
The site eyed for the seven-space lot is off Surrey Drive to the west of the pond.
“I think that’s a wonderful idea,” said City Councilor Frank Nicastro.
Nicastro said the lot would make it easier for residents to use the Forestville park.
The Pine Lake Committee is also looking into a dock that would allow handicapped people to fish in the pond. It’s also considering a trail around the pond, though that would take the approval of some private property owners.
Leo Bonola, a member of the committee, said the improvements would provide “something for the kids to do” at the park.
“It’s something that I think would be really great for families and Forestville,” Bonola said.
Nicastro said the state Department of Environmental Protection told him the $150,000 leftover from dredging the pond the pond four years ago can be used to improve the park.
The city got $700,000 nearly a decade ago to dredge the pond. It completed the work in 2004 for less than expected.
Nicastro said that the parking lot would have two spots for handicapped people and five regular spaces. He said engineers anticipate it would cost about $35,000 if the lot is made of gravel and $56,000 if it’s paved.
As it is, Nicastro said, parking near Pine Street is awful.
“Right now, you take your life in your hands just pulling in and out of Pine Lake,” said Nicastro, who is also the 79th District’s state representative.
Bonola said the “safest and the best” place for a new lot is off Surrey Drive.
The Park Board recently gave its unanimous backing to the concept.
Pine Lake is located between Birch and Emmett streets. It is bounded on the north by Pine Street and on the south by city-owned swampland.

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Anonymous said...

thank you Mayor Ward! he keeps doing things to imrpove our city and move it forward.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Ward has his PR team working overtime.

But they aren't talking about about the tax increase and reduced serfvices.

Anonymous said...

What will this cost the Bristol Taxpayers?

Initially and ongoing??

Anonymous said...

Why is it that anytime anything is discussed to be done to improve something in Bristol the first response is what will it cost the taxpayers? News flash, anytime you do anything with city property in terms of construction, maintenance, etc. it costs money. As mentioned in the article there is about $150,000 that was left in an account from the Pine Lake dredging.

Maybe nobody should ever do anything to improve anything in Bristol and lower the taxes and let the whole city turn into a ghetto.

Just let me know I want to get ahead of the curve on dumping my house if that's the plan.

Anonymous said...

Then why did Ward cut the citys promotional efforts?

And why did he eliminate looking at the Chic Miller site to improve the West End, provide better Fire service to the Southwest portion of Bristol?

You tell me.

Anonymous said...

Good business practice is to cost things out and determine cost/benefit.

Why shouldn't Bristol do that?

Anonymous said...

With Ward as mayor, I would suggest dumping your house as a long-term plan esp. if the COO doesn't pass.

5th generation Bristol resident said...

This is a good thing. The current "parking lot" for Pine Lake is virtually worthless. Thanks Frank, Leo et al.

June 20, 2008 8:21 PM:
There is little relation in regards to spending money and becoming a ghetto. A case in point is Hartford. Taxpayers spend there. If you don't want Bristol to become a "ghetto", support the local police in combatting "ghetto type activity".

Anonymous said...

If the COO passes, you won't have to worry about selling your house, the bank will just foreclose on it.

Anonymous said...

Why not encourage walking more?

And yes, I like a business-like approach.

Anonymous said...

what does "support your local police" mean? they are getting plenty of taxpayer money. do you mean we should look the other way when they screw up and not hold them responsible when they don't do their job?

Anonymous said...

12:41 If your so smart why do you choose to complain about everything unless it's a republican idea? And how can you do anything by remaining a whining anonymity? It's clear to all that read this so-called blog that you are just another nobody partison whiner. I was going to say just another face in the crowd , but you're not even that.

Anonymous said...

I find it funny how WE, and I say WE b/c I do it too, post on this site anonymously.

What is even funnier though, is when another anonymous poster calls out another poster for posting anonymously.

I like posting anonymously. I like to try to crank people up while at the same time being constructive. It is a tough balance, but it is what I choose to do.

I will not call people out for posting anonymously, but if you do and you don't leave your name, just shut up! Your rant carries no weight at all. You are just as big a coward as the rest of us. Also, you sound like just as big a whiner as the person you are trying to confront.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for election years!

Anonymous said...

4:02 When I post on here anonymously I don't whine about everything. Whining anonymously does nothing. If I choose to whine it will be publically and I try not to humiliate people which is all this blog allows. For whining cowards to stay anonymous.

Slava said...

That's an excellent idea!
Way to go!