July 18, 2007

Stortz letter to Ken Johnson re streetlighting

July 16, 2007

Mr. Kenneth R. Johnson
President, Municipal Energy Consulting Group, LLC
12 Old Cider Mill Road
Bristol, CT 06010

Dear Mr. Johnson,
At the July 10 City Council Meeting, you commented, for the record, that the City and/or some of its employees had/or are withholding information from you and your firm, information which you feel we are obligated to provide for you to make a case for overcharges for street lighting.
In order to address the situation, please provide me with:
1. What information is being withheld?
2. Who is withholding the information (who was asked)?
3. When was this information requested, and how?
4. Is there any correspondence on this?
5. Have you followed up, and if so, what has been the response, and from whom?
I would like to have that information as soon as possible, so that I can follow up to assure that all conditions of the agreement are met.
Any questions, call me at 584-6250.
Thank You.
William T. Stortz
City of Bristol

cc: R. Lacey
City Council

Contact Steve Collins at scollins@bristolpress.com

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