July 13, 2007

Ken Johnson on Bristol politics

“Bristol politics is an eternal source of amusement for me.” - GOP mayoral hopeful Ken Johnson

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ken Johnson should start putting his neighbors and home first before he puts bristol first. His backyard is a mess and the fence he had started to put up to keep his dogs from barking remains unfinished.

"I commit to these basic principles: to be honest, to act with integrity, to listen respectfully to your point of view"

Let me tell you he doesn't listen to his neighbors who ask him to turn off his lights at midnight so we can sleep. He doesn't listen to his neighbors about his constant barking dogs. This man doesn't even shovel his city sidewalks so the neighborhood kids can walk to Chippens.

I will be sure to vote this year for Mayor, and it won't be for Ken Johnson.