December 1, 2008

Legislators and DECD commissioner to meet Friday

Lawmakers pushing for the preservation of The Bristol Press, New Britain Herald and 11 Central Connecticut weeklies are slated to meet Friday with the commissioner of the state Department of Economic and Community Development, Joan McDonald.
I'm not sure what will happen during the expected hour-long, mid-day session. But sometime this week, I'll try to lay out what I think they ought to talk about.
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Anonymous said...

How come there's no NEWS here today?

Steve Collins said...

Simple answer: I'm off today.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous 4:34... are you all paid up on your blog subscription or do you think Collins has some obligation to offer you things to complain about?
Frankly, the fact that they're meeting in Hartford about the Press is news, and I for one hope they're successful.
Get on board with the effort to save the Press or forget about getting any news about this town.
Not to mention you won't have Steve Collins to bash anymore.

Snow White said...

If Steve is "off" today, does that mean he gets paid to do the blog?