December 16, 2008

More hope for a sale of the Press

Though nobody's saying anything for public consumption, I've heard now from several sources that a well-respected newspaper company is eyeing the purchase of The Bristol Press and the New Britain Herald. I think the 11 weeklies are also part of the prospective deal, but I haven't heard that definitively.
I'm not going to say more because I don't want to muck anything up. But other than feeling the normal jitters that come from any major change, I'm pretty optimistic about what I'm hearing.
I don't know when we'll know something for sure. I don't even really know what will happen if a deal is reached because there are so many scenarios that could flow from it.
What I do know is that serious people are talking seriously about buying the papers, which beats the hell out of the alternative.
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Tim Gamache said...

First, I really hope this happens.Not having a daily newspaper would be catastrophic for Bristol.Second,I tried emailing you earlier today and the email didn't go through.Could you email me?It's in relation to Christmas morning.

Anonymous said...

I hear good things about what might happen. I'm so glad that it looks like we won't have to go begging for Bristol news.

Anonymous said...

Any idea when something definitive might be known?

Steve Collins said...

No clue.

Anonymous said...

Santa Claus coming to town???