December 18, 2008

Bristol not involved with alleged Ponzi scheme organizer

While many municipalities and charities lost fortunes when a financial fund orchestrated by Wall Street kingpin Bernard Madoff collapsed, Bristol didn't lose a penny.
City Comptroller Glenn Klocko said that Bristol didn't have any funds invested with Madoff, whom federal prosecutors accuse of fraud.
Though Bristol's pension funds have taken a hit because of the stock market's nosedive after Labor Day, it still has more than $400 million, enough to pay off all of its anticipated future obligations.
The city's pension investments had reached a high of about $550 million earlier in the year.
The town of Fairfield lost $42 million that it had invested with Madoff, 18 percent of the money it had set aside for future pension payments.
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Anonymous said...

What is the latest figure?
When did we hit 400 million?

Any updates forthcoming ?

Anonymous said...

Be nice if this administration told us what was happening!

miser said...

3:43 - el cheapo, spend 50 cents and read about it.

Anonymous said...


Guess I missed it.

Again, what is the latest figure, and as of what date?

Or are you part of the administration?