December 13, 2008

JRC slams the doors on three Philly area papers without any warning at all

The Philadelphia Daily News reports today that the Journal Register Co. gathered the employees of three longtime weeklies the company owns in the suburbs to tell them to clear out. They had no warning and no chance even to put out a final issue.
I'm sure the only reason we heard anything in Bristol before Jan. 12 is that a federal law required them to provide 60 days' notice before shutting down the 13 targeted Central Connecticut papers.
But it may well be that having those 60 days provided the time for a buyer to step in. I hope so.
Now I'm going to go crawl back into bed and see if I can kick this damn awful cold.
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Anonymous said...

Talkies killed silent films, television killed radio, the internet killed books and newspapers. Put the paper online and we will all be fine.

Anonymous said...

The three weekly papers were the Northeast Breeze, Olney Times and Northeast News Gleaner. The Gleaner had 7 localized editions. Also part of the group were Life Newspapers, monthly papers with 8 editions.

Anonymous said...

9:29 PM, your comparisons are both simple-minded and disingenuous. Yes, talkies killed silent films, but each was a type of cinema, an art form that has undergone an array of technological advances and survives to this day. Last time I checked, both television and radio broadcasting were alive and well, the former having most certainly NOT killed off the latter. And the Internet has hardly "killed off" books and newspapers; no computer or other electronic device will ever completely replace the unique, tactile experience of handling and reading a printed medium such as a book or newspaper.