December 4, 2008

Budget snapshot for the downtown corp.

The Bristol Downtown Development Corp, established almost two years ago, spent a little less than $33,000 of its $178,500 annual budget through mid-November.
Most of the spending was for the executive director, Dick Harrall, whose firm gets $85,000 annually for handling the position..
The BDDC has also spent $5,000 on legal fees, $4,000 on environmenal and engineering services and $3,000 on advertising and marketing.
All told, it has spent about half the $361,712 the city has allocated for it since its creation, leaving $178,200 to spend before it has to return to the Board of Finance for more money. Finance commissioners are eager to see a detailed plan for its spending.
The BDDC was set up to oversee the redevelopment of the city-owned, 17-acre former downtown mall site.
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concerned conservative said...

Mayor Ward:

Disband this folly and waste of tax-payer money NOW.

Taxedtodeath said...

"Disband this folly and waste of tax-payer money NOW."
Couldn't have said it better myself. Also, please recind all spending related to building new schools. We simply can't afford it.
Finally, make Mr. Klocko put all his cards on the table with respect to his scheme on retiree health care issue. It appears that he is not being upfront with anyone on this issue.

Butch said...

That is much less than was spent by Rosenthal and BDA, with about the same results!

Nice to get a report on BDA dollars and results.